Acupuncture Energy Is In Us

  • History.

The most “exotic” and the most foreign western thought is, finally, become the most “official” since this therapy, acquired its right of the city in university medical education. It is true that acupuncture has had time to make itself known: this ancient Chinese technique- the oldest stone needles, dating back five thousand years – had been imported into Europe by the Jesuits in the seventeenth century. Today, it is fashionable to visit his acupuncturist!

  • Principle.

According to Chinese medicine, the right state of our health depends on the proper flow of vital energy- the “ch’i” -in our body. This energy borrows some channels (the twelve meridians), on which points are located. When an organ is too active or, on the contrary, deficient, the energy no longer circulates normally. There is either a kind of blockage that must be eliminated or a “hole” that must be reactivated to treat the disease. A diagnosis of Acupuncture Therapy Delhi requires at least three-quarters of an hour in the first session: Thorough interview, observation of the tongue, complexion, palpation of the body (cold, stretched, etc.) and “Chinese pulse.”

Inform the acupuncture specialist Delhi about the energy state. With its fine needles, the acupuncturist stimulates the passage points of energy so as to fortify the diseased organ and restore harmony. For the same symptom, these points are not necessarily the same from one patient to another.

  • Strong points.

AcupunctureIndia also manifests its effects on the psychic and emotional levels that the Far East never dissociated from the physical, for stress, grief or anger carry the seeds of an imbalance. Its pain-killing action has repeatedly been demonstrated. It is a brilliant method to treat chronic or recurrent infections like insomnia, depression. It improves hypertension, allergies, migraine, fatigue and hormonal imbalances.

  • Limits.

Like all natural therapies, you must pass the hand to surgery or allopathic medicines when the body no longer can react to acupuncture therapy Delhi.

  • Precautions.

It is imperative that the needles be disposable. A good acupuncture specialist Delhi always points out the point with his hand before stinging. He does not play darts and does not multiply the number of needles (six or eight at most)! Otherwise, as with a prescription too supplied, it can no longer control the interactions.

Method acupuncture slimming

It is based on the impact of metal needles on biologically active points of the body, thereby changing the connection between the central nervous system and the human bodies.

It influences particular energy band to be normalized physiological processes in the body.

Benefits of acupuncture for weight loss lies in the fact that a person begins to lose weight without experiencing any inconvenience as acupuncture for weight loss reduces appetite and increases metabolism. You do not need to indulge in your favorite foods – the body just did not want them to be.

When you undergo Aacupuncture India for weight loss, first results are visible on certain points on the hands and feet. The second stage becomes microchipping- installing a chip in a certain point of the ear. It is known that it is focused on a plurality of biologically active points, including those that block appetite.

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