Apart from great treats, here’s what is good for your dog!

They say, you are known by the company you keep. When talking about dogs, the saying goes that you can tell a lot about the owner from the way a dog behaves. Yes, that’s right. We pass on more things to our dog than we realise. So, most certainly, raising a dog isn’t just about feeding it on time or potty training it. It isn’t even about making it run towards you when you call out its name. You, as an owner, need to set big goals for your dog so that it is able to do more than what is expected out of an ordinary pet. Of course, goals are different for gun dogs and police dogs. Their training is more intense and the stimuli used to train them can be advanced and loud, too. Many times, it is gunshots or machine sounds and true enough these wouldn’t be used for training stay-at-home pet dogs. However, there is one factor that is common for great response across all categories of dogs. It is confidence. A confident dog is easy to train, responds well and behaves itself. As a leading team of dog behaviourists in Formby, we totally believe that every dog must be given a chance to be at its confident best.

What can you do to make your dog confident? Well, the answer to this simple question includes a lot of activities and change in routine, both your dog’s and yours. For starters, you need to take your dog out at least twice and religiously. There can be no more lazy days and hectic schedules causing a break in this routine. If you have a very busy schedule or are planning to go on a vacation, you can try our dog training services in Formby. We have a large clientele that vouches for our expertise. Our dog trainers ensure that your dog is taken out to new terrains and is cleaned and fed properly if you are opting for our dog boarding services. In case, your dog has some behavioural complications, we request you to be honest about it so that we are able to take necessary precautions.

Another thing that boosts your dog’s confidence is regular meeting with new dogs especially before it completes one year. Early interactions with other dog friends can boost your dog’s confidence. It also reduces the chances of behavioural issues or signs of aggression when it is exposed to other dogs later in life.

So, you see that feeding your dog and playing with it whenever you have time isn’t enough. You need to make it confident so that you don’t have to tackle other problems like fear and anxiety upon separation, digging, barking and scratching. Yes, these problems find their roots in lack of confidence. If you begin on time and pay attention to your dog’s routine, you can avoid all these problems and have a dog that you can show off!


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