Causes, Treatment and other facts about HIV AIDS

AIDS is a syndrome caused by the virus called HIV, which infects the human body and slowly and gradually reduces the immunity power. Till date, there was no particular cure or course of treatment available, which guarantees complete freedom from the syndrome.

AIDS is the short term for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, which is a condition of infection caused by a virus called HIV or Human Immune Virus. This virus directly attacks the immunity system of the body so as to slowly and gradually decreasing the level of immunity. Therefore the person becomes susceptible to series of disease once infected by HIV. It will take around 7-11 years for the infection to show symptoms. This makes the treatment even more difficult. For proper course of treatment, it is essential to identify the symptoms as early as possible. There are many health centers and medical experts who are in constant search for effective remedy for the treatment of AIDS, but with no valid conclusion. When western medicines have given up on the disease cure, Ayurveda has come up with a remedy that can prove effective for HIV Ayurvedic Treatment in India. CONSTOP is the latest discovery from Bhagwati Ayurveda, a complete natural and ayurvedic firm, which has found the cure after years of research and dedication. CONSTOP is made out of completely herbal raw materials, which makes it even more effective, without any kind of serious side effects. The company has years of experience in medical field and has been able to deliver remedies for multiple disorders including diabetes, arthritis, cancer and many more.

To decide upon the treatment plan, the patient as well as the practitioner must be aware of the possible symptoms of the disease which are mentioned below:

  1. Sudden loss of appetite that results in sudden loss of weight
  2. Fluctuation in body temperature and fever
  3. Susceptibility to various kinds of disease
  4. Feeling of nausea and fatigue
  5. Skin irritation

For proper HIV Ayurvedic Treatment must be able to identify these symptoms from the initial stage itself.


Ayurveda is an ancient practice of medicine, which is into existence for decades now. The practice of curing the ailment with natural remedies, massages etc. has been appreciated by Indians as well as foreigners alike. As per the concept of Ayurveda, life is a blend of soul, mind, body and senses, all of which works in complete harmony with nature. These components are well balanced by elements of nature. Therefore Nature holds the secret for every other disease as well as its remedy. At Bhagwati Ayurveda, scientists are in constant urge to provide the diseased with complete relief so that he/she can gain the energy and live a healthy life.

Ayurvedic definition for AIDS

Ancient ayurvedic texts has mentioned of AIDS or HIV and they have defined it in a different manner altogether. For HIV Ayurvedic Treatment, it is important to understand ayurvedic perspective of AIDS. Ayurveda defines AIDS as a disease, which is correlated to Kshaya or Ojakshaya, meaning loss of energy. The disease is caused by a dominant kapha dosha, which along with other prominent doshas tends to block the path for the flow of rasadi dhatus to their respective locations. This results in the slow deterioration of cells, plasma, muscles, tissues, and bone marrow etc. therefore causing the disease.

AIDS or HIV has impacted not only the people but also the society, both as an illness as well as source of discrimination. Even after so many initiatives to make people aware, some still think that an AIDS infected person is not good to be a part of society. To change this attitude, several NGOs and other organizations have run campaigns to make people more and more sensitive to the diseased rather than ignoring them.

CONSTOP from Bhagwati Ayurveda is a miracle and it has been able to bring that smile back on the face of diseased an their families. CONSTOP directly attacks the virus present inside the body and aims to destroy it completely. This will initiate development of new and healthy cells. During the initial trial run, the medicine has given positive results, which has encouraged many others to opt for HIV Ayurvedic Treatment. Though the treatment works slowly but it will definitely cure with no possible side effects.

HIV or AIDS is a syndrome, not a disease that affects the immunity system. Ayurvedic approach to cure is cost effective as well as have proven track record of success. With CONSTOP, AIDS will no more be a deadly non-curable disease.

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