Charged with Drug Offence – Don’t give up the hope Calgary defence lawyers are there to help you.

Drug offences ranges from deceptive ones like possession of marijuana to deliberate drug charges such as possession for the purpose of importing, exporting and trafficking of drugs. The Harper Government in 2012 imposed mandatory minimums even for small marijuana grow ops, and those who have a prior drug conviction, that clearly indicates the increasing asperity of a drug conviction in court. Courts treat cocaine charges, heroin charges, marijuana charges seriously and asks to impose jail terms, even without mandatory minimums, upon conviction.

Other implications of drug charges

Cocaine possession or marijuana possession conviction has other implications as well. And these difficulties can be in the form of security clearance from work and problems while crossing into the USA. So if you are convicted of drug charges, then you need a team of a defence lawyer who can have a proven track record of effective defence of controlled drugs act charges.

Effective representation of the clients

Defence Lawyers in Calgary have experience and expertise developed by years of creative, successful and dedicated work on behalf of their clients,and have positioned them greatly in defending drug conviction, which includes production, possession, and trafficking of drug or substance. They also have the great acumen to defend their clients in conspiracy charges arising out of such cases. They effectively represent their clients at trials and appeal for drug charges all the way up to the Apex Court of Canada.

Tactics to defend the clients

It is important to understand that whether a person is under investigation or have been charged, a Criminal Defense Lawyer having experience in defending drug or substance charges can be of great help in navigating the way through the system. Criminal defence lawyers in Calgary, review all the circumstances of the case and offer the specialized advice based on such events. They have significant experience in defending drug cases, and they know what tactic needs to be used to have a better defence of their clients during the trial.

Crafting a release plan

Calgary defence lawyers are famous and known for making the release plan for their clients. They know very well that drug offences like producing, importing, exporting and trafficking are reverse onus offences. That means if a person is simply charged with these offences has to provide the show cause, as to why such person should be released from prison before the trial. And, herein starts the role of defence lawyers, who craft the release plan for their clients and present these plans to the court of justice.

Don’t give up the hope, if you have been charged with drugs or substances offence. Criminal defence lawyers in Calgary have dedicated their services to the defence and betterment of such persons. They are of great help to you all through this difficult time. They understand the power of having a complete legal team who can not only change your today but years to come. They are known to proudly represent their clients in a court of law.

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