Considerations for an Individual Wastewater Disposal System

Septic system or wastewater disposal system is used to take the sewage from your home or business, create it and then release it to the ground. It is one of the most environment-friendly ways to get rid of wastewater provided your septic system is designed and maintained properly. It is not difficult to have a properly aligned septic system all you need to do is to get the services of expert environmental consultants. They can provide you with all the information about wastewater disposal system, pre-construction information design, construction and many other things that can help you have a proper sewage for your property.

Know the elements that decide the type of Wastewater system for your property.

It is not that each and every kind of wastewater system is suitable for your property. The system is affected by the difference in height and many other conditions that are present on the site where construction needs to be carried out. The process of selecting a proper wastewater system begins with altering soil from one of the pieces of property. In fact, if your property is truncated or graded it will not be suitable for one or another form of the system. In all such cases, an additional soil may be required to replace the soil removed from your property. Majorly five elements decide the best system for your property, and it includes soil permeability, shape and size of the building, use of property, location and seasonal water table depths.

Soil permeability contributes most.

For environmental consultants, the rate at which water moves through the soil is its permeability. It is the basic information that is collected during Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, as wastewater system uses soil to dispose of the treated effluents. Considering this information, the consultants decide the area to dispose of the effluent generated by your building. Usually, it is found that soil with low clay content has a higher permeability. Further, it requires less absorption area and less space to work and collect the effluents. On the other hand soil with high clay concentration or red soil are not suitable for individual wastewater collection systems.

Consult before you install.

At times it is found that the area selected for the home site is the best area for the construction of the wastewater system. And all such cases require the installation of an expensive system, or you may have to go for an off-site wastewater treatment system that is also an expensive option. If you are opting for an off-site treatment system, it requires mechanical equipment and small pump station to transport the wastewater that will not only increase the construction cost but subject you to confront the maintenance problems as well. And there is some piece of property that are too small that wastewater systems can’t be physically installed in all such properties and the owners are left with no choice but to opt for the off-site treatment system. But before you make the final decision, it is good to consult with the environmental consultants in your area.

The individual wastewater system can be any like a septic tank, absorption and evaporation bed, sand filters and Mound Wastewater System. But the best one for you can be suggested by the environmental consultants only.


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