Cork flooring-Stride towards abiding, stunning and eco-friendly flooring.

Cork-the word when used triggers mind with the thought of something that is used in wine bottles to preserve its quality. One can also use it as a board in an office for reminders or to post notes. And one of the cork’s unique application can let you feel as if you are walking in the air; that is when it is used as a flooring. The concept of cork flooring is not new, they have been there for decades. It can provide you with enormous benefits like you don’t even feel the footfalls on these flooring, an elegant choice for your home, the earth and your body.

Cork-For a perfect look of your home.

Cork has an elegant and beautiful look, and it increases the value of the home not just regarding look but economically as well. It enhances the functionality of the home. It is an impermeable buoyant material that requires an entirely natural feeling sealing and should be cleaned off before any detritus may gauge its sealant. There is no doubt that it needs proper and timely maintenance, but the advantages provided by the material surpass everything else attached to it. Calgary custom home builders are experts in cork flooring and perform it in a way to keep the beauty of cork and your home intact. They work in a way to ensure that homeowners will have a perfect look and match.

Experience a noiseless home amidst the high traffic flooring.

Cork flooring is something that we humans are fond of because it is soft, warm and insulating and it provides a completely natural feeling. If you are among those people who love to go bare feet in their home, then your arches and soles will thank you for choosing cork. It is known as one of the flexible surface materials. Those who are suffering from allergies, having a cork flooring is like a dream come true. The material doesn’t harbor dust particles and contains suberin, a waxy waterproofing substance that occurs naturally and dodge the material from insects, mildew, and mold.

And one of the most sought after feature of the cork is its insulation capability, it keeps your home warm in winters, muzzle the sounds which are of great use if you have a high traffic floor. Custom home builders prefer the material most while flooring bedrooms or downstairs areas to let the homeowner experience a quiet home amidst of high traffic.

Contributes to go green drive.

Cork is one of the greenest material that is ever possible, and this reason has contributed largely towards popularizing the material. It does not involve the tree cutting rather the process of having it promotes natural stewardship and healthy forests. It takes around 25 years to get a cork tree mature, by the time half their bark is roughly stripped off. And this element of cork has largely attracted the Calgary custom home builders to use it in the flooring and keep their contribution to world’s go green drive intact.

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