EEA Family Permit Made Easy

Do you have a family member who is a EEA citizen and you are thinking it’s just to difficult to join them? Are the paper works beginning to take its toll on you? Then keep reading and learn how you can make the process stress free. It is a known fact that non EEA citizens without a family permit or a visa will experience a lot of difficulty in getting into the UK, as a matter of fact, they won’t be boarded on flights and the flights will be fined themselves for carrying such passengers who require visas or permits without them.

There are various reasons you would want a family permit, for a short visit or for the long haul (resident permits).


How long does the short visit permits last for?

Well the document is legible for six months after which you are required to apply for another if you are to looking to enter into the UK again.


What makes me eligible to apply for a family permit?

First off you have to have a family member who is a UK citizen, (immediate or extended). Now there are a few terms and conditions guiding this process.

  • The family member must be traveling into the UK within 6 months  to the date of your application
  • If they have been living in the UK for more than 3 months they have to be “qualified” meaning they have a job, self employed or seeking employment.
  • Must have a permanent EEA resident card in the case of immigrated citizens.


Now as an applicant you have to be;

  • A legal spouse of an EEA citizen or related to a legal spouse of an EEA citizen as a child, grand child  under 21, dependent parent or grandparent or you are a legally adopted child of a citizen
  • You are also allowed to apply for an EEA family permit as a n extended family member being either a sister, brother, uncle, aunt etc having been able to show you are dependent of the EEA citizen or their spouse.
  • Students are also allowed to apply if you fit the aforementioned criteria.


Once you fit the bill, and you posses the necessary documentation, some of them include

  • A valid visa
  • An evidence of relationship with your family member , this could include a marriage certificate in the case of a spouse
  • A certified copy of your family members valid passport and a proof of dependency  amongst others

(a full list of all necessary documents required can be found on UK immigration advisory  service websites ) then all you need is a good immigration solicitor or immigration lawyer to take it from that point. The most amazing part is that an EEA family permit is absolutely free


Having gotten the family permit you are eligible to enter and leave the UK for six months the duration for which the permit last, after that you can then apply for an EEA residence  card  as an extended family member of an EEA citizen.


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