Embrace success: embrace acupuncture!

Yes, you read it right. Success and acupuncture go hand in hand as acupuncture gives you the energy and good health to do the impossible. The results are there for all to see. You first doing the previously impossible things like going for long walks, trekking, half-marathon which you would have avoided otherwise in the normal course of time given your chronic illnesses.

Multiplier effect

Correct. Acupuncture has a multiplier effect as it rectifies multiple aspects of your life including, health, wealth, confidence, married life and many other things that had gone wrong. Keep in mind one thing that failure is never final and success also is never ending. You just need to have the right catalyst by your side that can unlock the secret energy reserves in your body and help you discover a new you.

Acupuncture works and there is no doubt about it. All you need to do is to believe in this system of medicine and it will give you the kind of results that you are looking for. It’s not magic so do not expect everything from it but it is by far the best bet you have in terms of getting over chronic illness. Skin related illnesses comprise the maximum queries on health portals as they are quite embarrassing and demand long-term treatment.

Detailed benefits of acupuncture on the human body

Here, we have given a snapshot of two of the most common diseases that routinely kill people in developing countries given the contamination in the quality of air, water being made available to citizens and least regard being paid to environmental norms. Maximum queries on search engines come for treatment of asthma and gastric problems.



  • Treatment of chronic bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, pollution related breathing disorders, and other respiratory disorders are best treated with acupuncture. Instead of taking theophyline, salbutalmol, budecort and other such medications  in capsule, liquid or inhaler form, you can go in for the simple treatment being offered in acupuncture using dried leaves of medicinal plants whose smoke acts as a broncho-dilator and opens the air pipe in order to help you have proper breathing  inspite of nasal blockages.
  • Asthma as a disease has acquired demonic proportions due to vehicular pollution and instead of taking a route that involves prescription drugs, its best to go the acupuncture way.

Gastro-intestinal problems

  • Say goodbye to antacids like ranitidine, pantoprazole, rabeprazole, omeprazole, lanzoprazole, fruit salts which are often used to treat mild to chronic and in some cases breakthrough acidity which can be dangerous. Stress is the number one trigger for hyperacidity, irritatable bowel syndrome, sleep disturbance caused by impaired digestion and through the systematic treatment processes of acupuncture, you can get relief.
  • No longer will you have to spend on high cost medicines having components like mefenamic acid, drotaverane, acetaminophen with tramadol hydrochloride and use the savings engendered in terms of money to buy nutritional supplements, undertake preventive healthcare packages for the whole family.

These two diseases have been outlined for indicative purposes only and the larger benefits of acupuncture cannot be ignored.


For further more info: http://acupunctureindia.org/treat.html

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