Everyone must have this cool speedometer app on their iPhone!

A lot of thinking goes behind every phone purchase. Doesn’t it? We conduct a comprehensive research about the latest phones available. From the brands to the models, we find out latest features, the configuration and operating system before we make up our minds. All those iPhone owners who are pretty content with their phone, here is a piece of good news. Here is a speed tracker iPhone app that is going to win your heart. Don’t worry, if you don’t have an iPhone but an iPad then this app is for you, too! Speedometer HD by AppAspect Technologies is a fantastic way to track every detail about your trips. From speed to the weather and exact location, it does everything for you so that you can focus on your journey.

The key word is convenience

That’s right. This app has been created keeping in mind your convenience. So, no longer do you have to struggle if you want to know your speed in, say, MPH and not km/hr. It is just a matter of switching in this new app. Go ahead and check out the analog speedometer in portrait mode and see the digital speedometer in the landscape mode. Finding out the average and maximum speed achieved by you during a trip is a cakewalk. This app does it for you. What is even more fabulous is that it switches between car and bike mode very easily, the speed range being 120 km/hr to 360 km/hr. This almost perfect Car speedometer iPhone app comes with an accurate GPS indicator and helps you track the distance you have covered along with the time you took. It even lets you reset history tracking data with a lot of convenience. Find out about the weather conditions at your current location, and the sunrise and sunset time. And if you are still thinking that something is missing, then don’t worry, this app takes care of music, too! Yes, you can now select the songs of your choice and play them in the background when you are depending on your speedometer for the purpose of live tracking.

There is so much new in the version 4.0

There is no other way of saying it. You will be able to appreciate this app in its latest version only after you have seen it. The look of the app is absolutely amazing. It is simple yet classy. Some might even call it bold but there has been no compromise on the display. The navigation is user-friendly. In fact, this GPS speedometer iPhone app comes with a lot of user interactive elements that make it one of a kind. Go analog or digital, switch between car and bike mode and enjoy the many benefits of this app that has been created to make life easy and more fun for you. Download it today and you are sure to tell the difference between this super app and the others you may have heard about.


Visit here: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/speedometer-hd-speed-tracker/id711323002?mt=8 to download now

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