Explore Tokyo: The melting pot of the East!

Dazzling sky touching towers, spectacular Shinto shrines and flashy cars with neon lights: this is Tokyo, a city of Japan that is just stunning. This thrilling city is a wonderful combination of modern lifestyle and yesteryears’ charm, brash high-tech electronics and cutesy cartoon mascots. Overly crowded yet extraordinarily quiet, you’ll get to see everything from peace memorial to skull thumping arcade games in Tokyo.

Satisfy your taste buds with world’s best sushi, explore world’s largest fish market and dine in super luxury restaurants. Slurp steaming noodles on a roadside cafe, enjoy peaceful sleep on tatami mats, enjoy karaoke nights in bars and look up at Mount Fuji.Beautifully blending old charm and new style, Tokyo never fails to capture the heart of any visitor.

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