Exploring the contours of middle-class sexuality in India!!!

We were born and brought up in a school of thought which said that you could not talk sex with girls in salwar kameez and only girls in mini-skirts or those who smoke and booze would love to talk about sex.The truth is: good girls like sex and you can talk about everything with girls except for rape, masturbation and periods. These are the topics that put men women off and you should not utter the word sex even remotely during the first meeting with a girl.


Hearing this word triggers a short circuit in their brain and this circuit filter gets turned on during the first meeting with a so-called stranger. You utter the word: sex and…boom…there she goes…and you end up worshipping the ground she walked on.  The middle-classes have been very reserve about sex unlike those in the upper and lower strata society that marry more frequently and divorce even more frequently. There is some degree of marital stability as money or the lack of it and kids act as a super-glue keeping marriages together. It is this stability and the inherent diversity, depth of middle-class sexuality that we will explore in the coming weeks.

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