File Manager – An Amazing app to stumble you while organized

Structured planning and efficient mechanism are all you need to manage hundreds of file and documents. It’s always great to have fully equipped tools, capable enough to simplify the tasks and bring a new dimension into the process. A wide range of apps designed specifically to let you arrange your files systematically and as per your requirements. The iPhone file manager app is one such tool developed and designed to provide you a perfect solution for managing files and keep you multitasking with its boasting features.

File Manager iPhone app – Smart decision towards a huge dividend.

Your selection of the app is a nimble decision as it allows you to arrange your files and documents smartly. Commonly known as virtual USB, remarkable efficiency to let you transfer files from PC or Mac to your iPhone. Well integrated PDF reader and a music player to make you read any files and listen to music of your choice with greater ease.

Microsoft Office, Excel, and Powerpoint support it to keep your mobility intact while working. The app makes it ultra-convenient to manage your documents and files with the clouds support like OneDriv, Dropbox and more. Have an in-built search option to let you search anything instantly. Files can be sorted by name, date, size or kind and you can even protect them with the use of passcodes.

File manager – Abut your imagination.

Allow you to transfer files using iTunes file sharing and a Wifi file sharing option from your desktop; you can also transfer the files to your file manager app. Apart from MS Office, it supports PDF, iWorks and other common types of file. Incorporate changes by editing your text and save them as an rtf file for all your future reference and sharing.

Convert web pages, images, maps and documents to PDF at your convenience and read them while you are offline using your iPhone or iPad. PDF and other documents, can be zoomed for better clarity and visibility.  You can also email edited files or documents directly from My PDF Doc to your colleagues or friends. Printing is also not at all challenging, you can easily print documents from My PDF Doc.

Embedded with the advanced PDF reader that allows you to read in all orientations. Not only orientation page rotation features are also there to make your reading flexible. Finding it difficult to continue your reading for the reasons like feeling sleepy, have to leave for an urgent task or any other, bookmark feature is there to keep you an active reader, just bookmark the pages you are reading in your PDF and continue your reading as and when you feel so.

The File Manager iPhone app is easy to use, versatile, can save you time and rescue you from the frustration of handling files and documents. From documents to voice memo and photo to the video store, edit and share everything that keeps you excited. Creation of folders, subfolders and movement of files from one folder to another all are a touch away. Amazing features that will stagger you while keeping organized.

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