Finding the Network Configuration Settings – The Easy Way

These is a huge number of network devices like routers, hubs, switches, computers, tablets, mobile phones and so on, in a network. That is exactly why we have to take good care about our network security. The overall network security can be easily taken care of using the numerous online tutorials and videos related to it. At the same time it is good to know more about our network configuration and here is how you can get a detailed report regarding the network.

  1. First of all you have to start the Command prompt on your system
  2. Once you do this, type the following command and hit the Enter button on your keyboard – IPCONFIG
  3. After you hit the Enter button you will see a detailed report about the configuration settings of your personal network

The network configuration settings is generally the first place you want to go to when you begin experiencing some network related problems. On the other hand it is very important to check whether some of the hardware involved in the network doesn’t cause the problem. The easiest way to check this is through the Device manager or the Event log.

IPCONFIG – The Command You Will Use the Most

As we have said the Device manager or the Event log are the first thing you should check if you start experiencing some network problems. The next step is to use the Command prompt and the ipconfig command. There are several ways to open the Command prompt and here is the easiest. Click Start, and in the Run field type CMD. Hit Enter and you are done. After you use the ipconfig command you will see lots of network configuration related details. Here is something you should pay attention to.

Host name– every computer in the network has its own unique name. This name is the so called host name. Generally, it is important to check whether two or more devices have the same hostname.

Default Gateway – The default gateway is the same as the default router IP address which is necessary if you want to make some changes in the router configuration settings.

Network mask – The computers in the same LAN network have identical network mask

Integrated Microsoft Windows tools – these functions are there to help you diagnose and fix some network related issues.

Why is Consistent Configuration Important?

Every organization needs a solid and secure network system. The device configuration greatly affects the overall network security and protection. When we talk about security and protection of your network we have to mention that there are some standards which have to be followed. But first of all some of the most basic steps in the network protection attempts should not be ignored. Since most companies transfer loads of data inside the network we don’t have to tell you why it is important to have a reliable and secured network. If someone else takes the private data, there are chances that your company will lose their reputation in a second. For example, the personal data of your customers have to be stored effectively. For example, if you ignore the basic security steps and leave the network on its default settings, there are great chances someone will access the network and ruin all the hard work. Therefore if you want to be sure that no one will gain access to the network files without your authorization it is important to change all the defaults like usernames and passwords, the router IP address and so on.

Changing the network configuration

Performing regular backups of the network configuration settings is something every organization has to take care of. If you are MAC user, take a look at the Dock and open the System Preferences. Then click the network tab and you will see the network configuration settings. Troubleshooting your network problems requires you to have some basic knowledge at first. Of course, you will learn as time passes by. Just make sure you focus on what you are doing and you won’t have to contact the support team to resolve your networking issues.

A few More Thoughts

Most routers have a default IP address of It belongs to the private IP range and several popular router brands use it for their routers. As we have said the default IP of the router is identical to the Default Gateway, so it is good to know this. With the help of this particular IP address you will be able to access the router’s configuration options and adjust them as you need in order to secure your network. All you have to do is to type that IP address in your browser’s URL bar and hit the Enter button. You will be logged into the configurations of the router as soon as you enter the default username and password.

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