Finding the Solution for Pollution in Delhi

Ultimately the politicians figured it out that its time to do something of air pollution for which the main source is car. Well this is somehow true that cars are causing a lot of pollution and Delhi is been the top polluting city of the world. Its almost same as Beijing and if some drastic measures are not taken then conditions will become worst.

Air pollution is main cause of several body ailments like respiratory disorders, heart disease, neurological disorder and even cancer. This too depends on the quality of fuel we are using, the diesel being the most terrible pollutant of all, its considered as carcinogen (cancer causing agent)

Recently air quality index been put to severe in Beijing and in Delhi too so now we do acknowledge that pollution has to be tackled somehow otherwise our generation will suffer irreparable loss.

Delhi Govt. did some odd/ even formula for the cars so the cars with odd number will run on odd days and similarly the even will be running even days of the month. Hence one number car can run only for 15 days. This is considered as a preventive measure but a temporary one. This must surely reduce the pollution to a some extend but again its not a permanent solution.

There is a good news that big diesel cars been banned at Delhi but this is for upcoming sales and a temporary one.

So everything will be tried to combat pollution and I am sure that it will get reduce but finally neither government or any organization is working ahead to find a permanent solution. We must understand since we talking about Delhi that public transport is not so strong, even metro is not linked to every place in Delhi NCR and CNG buses are very few. Autorikshas are not reliable and other cab services are quite costly.

Finally the necessity of a personal car is there, its nothing like a symbol of social status, it was indeed decades back when people purchase car for some show off but now its mandatory stuff for a household. Higher or middle class both need cars and nothing can stop them.

Also a very key point came during the analysis that female professionals need car as it is more safe than any other public transport including metro train.

Besides it also came out that 2 wheeler too cause a lot of pollution, its not just the cars. Also all diesel trucks which enter daily into the capital do contributes a lot to pollution.

So here are some of the measures via which you can control the air pollution, this includes everything :

  • Banning diesel car engines and converting them to CNG
  • Odd / Even Formula if it does not create enough trouble for the travelers.
  • Avoid burning of trash crops and trash itself. It must be recycled instead.
  • Burning of wood or coal in the city, especially in public places where bunch of guys burn wood to keep themselves warm. The electric heater is one good source for this.
  • Trucks should unload the cargo at Delhi’s border and then it could be carried away by lighter and less polluted vehicles.
  • Pollution check is now centralized with the transport authority and it should be made strong further and any car should pass the stringent test against the pollution.
  • All automobiles must be converted to CNG, like we have autorickshaws, DTC buses and so must be private cabs (Ola/Uber etc.)
  • Thermal electrical power plants which are near Delhi NCR must be replaced with some renewable energy.
  • Better if we follow and start implementing European emission standards :


So if this is followed to even some extend, we can prevent our lungs getting choked or any other disease including the deadly cancer.

But guys what is the final and ultimate solution. Well that’s the total renewable / alternative power to our automobiles, factories, homes etc.

You can say what Henry Ford did a century back was marvelous but now we need the replacement for fossil fuel based engine to something else.

Elson Musk of Tesla motors has begun something which is indeed a good start.

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