Fully Loaded iPhone app for Videos

When you plan to download a video player app on your phone, what you do normally expect? One that it should support maximum kinds of media files, the way you interact with controls while watching the video, subtitle support and the most importantly, it should be user friendly.

If you are using any video player app in your iPhone, does it have all the before mentioned qualities? We are sure, all you could do is watch videos and that too the ones you transferred from itunes. Well if you are irritated being dependent on itunes for everything and looking for a change, then the video player iPhoneapp is the answer to your problem.

The iPhone video player app is an ultimate app that has loads of features. Let us dig more and learn what this entire single app can do for you.

  • Runs files in maximum number of video formats – The video player iPhone app can run any kind of file format. The ones that you can play currently are 3gp, divx, dv, dat, flv, gxf, m2p, avi, m2ts, m2v, m4v, mkv, moov, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, mpg, mpv, mt2s, mxf, mts , ogm, wm, ogv, ps, qt,asf, rm, rmvb, ts, vob, webm, wmv, which covers the maximum number of video formats available.


  • You can easily transfer video files from your PC. Usually with other iPhone apps, you require to be connected to iTunes and then transfer the files to your phone. Which means that every time you need to watch a video as a data file for the app, you need to rely on itunes and that is really a problem. With the new video player iPhone app, you can easily transfer files directly from your browser with the help of a wifi connection which is a huge relief.


  • Stream Media from PC – After you have shared a folder from your PC, you would be able to stream media over wifi connection. With the scanning ability, the app will scan your PC connected to your same wifi network and would ask you for your iPhone password to connect. You will also be able to view all the files in the shared folder that you have shared from your PC and then you can play them over Wifi


  • Supports 3D gesture control – One of the unique features with iPhone is the 3D gesture control. This service can be enabled from the player settings. You can easily rewind or forward by just swiping left and right on the screen or can increase and decrease the volume.


  • Comes with Subtitle support – Not everyone is able to understand the language played in the video. Subtitles really help in making the videos understandable. Therefore it is a must-have feature on your iPhone. In order to bring the subtitle menu just tap on the subtitle option.


  • Passcode Lock Security – For any app security is very important and iPhone app developers understand that. Just like any other app in your iPhone, you can set passcode for the video player app as well. Hence, every time when you open the app, it would ask you your password to open it.
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