Get your dream home with the right builders

Everyone deserves to have the home of their dreams. Yet it’s not possible to realize one’s vision without professional help. If a custom-built house is what you’ve always wanted, you need expert hands to help design and execute the plan. Trying to go it alone carries the risk of accidents and repair work that will cost even more. If you’re searching for competent custom home builders Calgary, here’s what to look for.

Understand the builder’s responsibilities

Calgary custom home builders shoulder a list of responsibilities that aren’t limited to just designing and building a house. The builder can act as a liaison between different players like building inspectors and even banks. Builders can also be responsible for obtaining approvals and are tasked with checking building materials before they’re used. Project progress is shared with the client at a regular interval of time and suggestions and recommendations are made.

Evaluate the connection

Building a house or even a part of it takes time. Trust needs to be built and maintained otherwise the project can end in failure. As a client looking for Calgary home builders, it’s important to evaluate the connection you have with the builders being interviewed. If there’s something you don’t like or feel comfortable with, it’s wise to move to another. Getting a house custom built is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a one in a lifetime venture for many, which is why it’s very important to see how well you connect with the builder.

Check their work

A look at a builder’s portfolio can tell you if you like the work. Make all the inquiries you need to and don’t hesitate to examine the details. Builders should be ready and willing to answer your questions as they understand how important the project is to you. Hesitation and uncertainty on their part should not be entertained.

While checking their past projects, observe how willing the builders are to meet with you and answer your questions. Difficulty making appointments and an unwillingness to answer emails and phone calls should see you heading in another direction.


Builders should be able to provide a full estimate of the project. An amount that sounds too good to be true probably is. Demanding a sizable down payment before work begins or not providing a break-up of the costs is alarming and should look elsewhere.

Custom home builders should always be fully insured. This should also cover workers’ compensation and general liability. If a builder is unable to provide proof of insurance or if the coverage is too limited, consider hiring another builder.

Having a custom home built is a big deal for anyone. You want the project to be completed smoothly. Licensed professional builders who have years of experience are the only people who should be tasked with such a big responsibility. Consider these points while you begin your search for a builder who can help you bring your vision to a new custom-built house to life. There will be fewer hassles, work will be completed on time, and you’ll be much happier with the results.

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