Get in touch with your inner self through Al Quran app!

In today’s very hectic lifestyles, it is hard for executives and businessmen to adhere to their prayer schedules. Not doing so, may not have any effect in the short run but in the long run, one may feel disconnected a bit from your inner self. Prayer brings satisfaction and contentment to people who are lonely, depressed and have no family support.

Even those who are leading very happy lives want the support of Allah, so that they do everything right and the prosperity continues. One can only take the blessings of Allah, if he or she is connected to him daily. The more number of times you remember god, the more will be his mercy. After all, it is Allah that who is eternally merciful and can forgive us for all our sins and mistakes that we commit on a daily basis.

What all you can expect from the app

Browse through the Google Play store and find the Al Quran mp3 app offered by Rabbi corp. There are many other application authors who are offering the same service and you can choose between Al Quran app download in both online and online modes. Downloading it in offline mode makes you access the app anywhere at any place, irrespective of internet connectivity.

Functionalities offered

  • You can find translated versions of Al-Quran ayats in multiple languages with meaning in order to make them easily understandable to young users. Be it French, German, Urdu, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Malay ad many more.
  • Next you will find recitations from over 50 reciters or Qaris with their audio translations that can be played via mp3. Your phone must have an mp3 player or you can download an m3 player app to make it compatible with mp3 audio files.
  • Overall pronunciation of the Quran will improve as you can read Quran with tajwid and pronounce all the verses inscribed in it. Perfect for young users who have to be taught about the intricacies of pronouncing Quranic Verses perfectly.

Additional functionalities for devotees in this app

When your phone is connected to the internet, you can listen MP3 Quran online with multiple Quran qaris in multiple languages.

  • Find full Quran Karim text with all 114 Surahs or verses in chronological order.
  • Get Arabic Quran Ayat for every surah an English pronunciation with each Ayat meaning.
  • Not only this, you get daily notifications and reminders about the time for Quran recitation and performing of each prayer.

With a file Size of less than 8.7 mb and requirements of android operating system 2.2 and onwards, this is the perfect app for devout Muslim devotes who are always on the move. Easily navigable screens make the user experience quite delightful and this app is the best resource to get to know more about the holy book of Quran which literally means recitation. And in the month of Ramadan, the Quran emerges as a source of inspiration for the Muslim World. Through this app, you can even download the entire Quran to create a playlist to add your favourite Qaris recitations, and translations.

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