GPS Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking is combination and installation of an electronic device in an individual vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. The device has computer software that allows the owner or the fleet manager to track the exact location of the vehicle. Information of the vehicle can be viewed on the electronic map through the internet with the use of the web-based solution.

Apart from saving the vehicle from theft, vehicle tracking system is used to serve many other functions. The device making companies have come a long way and these days they are offering personalised devices to meet the specific requirement and needs of the user. The cost-cutting drive of logistic companies gets duly addressed with the usage of these devices.

GPS tracking devices are used to track the movement and location of the vehicle. The sites provided by GPS device have an accuracy of +/-10m. Satellite and cellular communication enabled with advanced capabilities have allowed the usage of GPS tracking devices to follow the movement of trucks, barges, vans and other mobile resources. The ways in which GPS devices being used are invariably growing as device-making companies are coming with new ideas and areas for better vehicle tracking.

The device offers both active and passive tracking of the vehicle. In Active GPS vehicle tracking the data from the GPS device is transmitted to remote user at a regular interval of time to let them have real time information of their vehicle. While in passive tracking all the information is stored in the GPS devices and can be downloaded on their return to the office or at home.

If we talk about individual cars, the GPS devices have not only cut short the theft cases but enhanced the safety and security of car owner’s loved one by providing them with the real-time information of their vehicles. Whether an individual car owner or the fleet manager the rising fuel price is a great concern for each of them, the GPS devices are effective in controlling the fuel cost to a great extent as the most efficient route can be followed with the use of the device. And when you are on an efficient route it will enhance your contribution to the environment by reducing pollution.

GPS devices are of great reverence to logistic business as the device has allowed them not only to curb the fuel cost but helped them in an excellent way to reduce or eliminate the overtime cost. With the aid of the device, the companies can pull the reports like drivers working hours, drives by day, trips and drivers and many other such reports. In other words, it will be better to say that the devices are capable of providing an overall improved fleet productivity.

Companies like Trackmatic in New Zealand are leading manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices. They offer free installation of devices across New Zealand. They personalise the devices to serve their customers in a better and most cost efficient manner. They are the one stop solution for all tracking needs.


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