Here’s the difference between dog training and expert dog training

There are many ways in which dogs indicate they need help. Some dogs are uncontrollable in front of kids and strangers. This category raises hell when taken out for walk. Then there are others that start digging and scratching. Now there are many people who consider it is normal for dogs to do that out of anxiety. The reality is it is a call for help. So, if your dog has been giving you grief in some way or the other then make sure you get in touch with a professional dog trainer as soon as possible. Why the urgency? It is simple – the trick is to train dogs before they are too set in their ways. Once they start thinking that a behaviour is acceptable when it is not, it spells disaster for the owner. If you own a pup, trust us, it is the right time to choose expert dog training for it. While there are could be many dog training centres around you, remember that not all trainers are fit to take care of your dog. There is a huge difference between dog training and expert dog training. Some noteworthy points are:

An expert dog trainer will be patient and gentle

Agreed that it is all about results at the end of the day but it is the techniques that make a difference and speak for a trainer. What’s the point of hiring a trainer who promises quick results but uses harsh methods to train your dog?  It can leave a dog scarred for life! That’s why one must always be very careful before making such decisions and choose only an expert for effective dog training that’s centred on positive reinforcement and patience.

An expert will ask for the smallest of details

Every dog is a unique creature and nobody knows it better than a dog expert. That’s the reason a dog expert will ask for a lot of details – your dog’s favourite food, its favourite activity and overall disposition. You will know from these questions how involved and sincere a trainer is in taking care of your dog!

An expert will find time to update you

 That’s an important differentiating point. An expert dog trainer will keep you informed about your dog’s progress. He or she will have a lot of tips and suggestions for you that will help you train your dog in future. It is not just about training a dog, you see! It is about making sure it stays good even after the training is through.

Now that you know the difference between just another dog trainer and an expert dog trainer, we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Dog Ramblers and we have been training dogs for many years. We have a huge list of clients who would vouch for our expertise and experience. It doesn’t matter how old your dog is or what breed it is, we are here to train it and make it disciplined and obedient. Get in touch with  and our experts will take it from there!

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