Japanese cuisine and culture for kyoto bound tourists!

Japanese Cuisine draws heavily from Chinese and Cantonese cuisine. The influence of oriental cuisine is quite evident  in Japanese cuisine as it is predominantly based on a combination of rice and meat. Almost everyone uses chopsticks to eat food and prayers are recited at the start of every meal. Jasmine tea made out of the dried leaves of the jasmine plant is drunk at the end of each meal. Wines made of Rice called rice wines or Saki are quite popular in Tokyo and wherever Japanese go, they desire their rice wines.

Japanese culture is considered rich because of its countless festivals, celebration and rituals. Beginning from the New Year visits to holy shrines, the Tokyo calendar is full of many events and festivals. The Asakusa Samba Carnival is one of Tokyo’s most energetic and lively summer festivals. It attracts thousands of visitors each year. This festival is organized each year at the end of August. If you want to witness the lavish display of portable shrines, do visit Tokyo during three day Kanda festival (held in May). Other than these, the matsuris (religious festivals) with their mikoshis (portable shrines), and the cherry blossom viewing in the month of April are one of the most popular events of Tokyo.

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