Does your line of treatment include acupuncture?

If the answer to the above question is no, then you need to re-examine your priorities and think twice about the direction in which your time, money and energy is getting expended. If you have been thinking of ayurveda, pranic healing, reiki, neuro-linguistic programming and other alternative therapies for your family, then you should give acupuncture a shot.

No longer for the have-nots

Things are much better, hassle-free with acupuncture and this treatment pedagogy is now getting more technology savvy with the best of machines that are being employed to give patients a world class treatment at par with international standards.

Gone are the days, when acupuncture was only for the poor and the have-nots who could not afford anything else. Since 1979, it has been recognized internationally by world health organization as a legitimate and effective treatment approach for treatment of skeletal, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and endocrine disorders.

How technology makes acupuncture better

Companies making medical devices are now turning their attention to acupuncture therapies like moxibustion, catgut embedded therapy, He-Ne laser therapy and other similar therapies which can cure blood clots, piercing pain in nerves and other such ailments. Stainless steel needles are used to put pressure on those areas which are energy centres and consume less oxygen than the other parts of the body. These needles are disposable so there is no risk of any disease being caused and are perfectly safe for patients. Great care and expertise goes into the treatment of skeletal injuries that take very long to heal. Orthopaedic cases take even five years to heal and this treatment window can be shortened to a few months through the medium of acupuncture. The net result, huge savings in terms of time, money and energy and your reputation at work is not compromised.

Perils of ignoring acupuncture

Treatment in super-specialty departments of private hospitals costs a bomb and is not possible without adequate insurance cover. And only after the hospital has got an electronic confirmation for the full amount is received, the surgery and post-operative care is administered. In case, approval for a partial amount is received, then the patient has to pay the rest of the amount that can create a hole in the pocket and cause financial distress after recovery.

It is like going from the frying pan to the fire and even family members feel the pinch. Such illnesses which cause financial drain cause co-dependency as one family member cannot go about his work since he has to attend to the ailing member and earning capacity of two members goes down.

The best part about embracing acupuncture is that frequent illnesses and the body-shaming that begins from colleagues is going to stop. You can focus more on work and less on illnesses. Such a tight control can be exerted on all diseases that good health with become a blessing, a reality and all sorts of body shaming will stop and pave –way for compliments, hand-shakes and an in general feeling of goodness.

Think it over and tell us about your opinion.

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