Marketing as a Tool to Provide Better Patient Service

Rural Hospital Marketing is intended to make known the differential value of each medical service to its potential patients, and consequently, the prestige and professionalism of the doctors and health personnel who will attend to the patients.

The growing market demand and technological transformation are raising awareness of the need for hospital marketing services as a tool to identify and connect with potential patients to offer solutions to their health problems in a participatory, transparent and informative way.

Rural Hospital marketing is unique

Hospital Marketing Services are marked by a fundamental factor that requires a particular methodology and different from that applied in most sectors.

Why Should Medical Marketing Be Strategic?

Marketing is not just advertising campaigns, promotions or discounts aimed at achieving results in the short term. Marketing is an integrated strategic system that allows ordering and prioritizing over time the tools and actions necessary to make ourselves known and offer value to our patients.

It is not a matter of inventing the wheel, but of creating and applying a methodology based on the market and on metrics that allows us to take decisions activating mechanisms that involve the whole organization.

Rural Hospital Social Media should be planned, structured and implemented as a time-bound and budget-based system, with well-defined and orchestrated goals and responsibilities:

  • To optimize resources. These are scarce by definition. A marketing plan, unlike a list of actions isolated from each other, allows us to optimize costs and efforts by ensuring that each action feeds the others and is done at the right time, within a planned strategy.
  • To minimize risks. A marketing system should also include mechanisms for the monitoring and measurement of all the actions that are carried out. It includes marketing activities and the direct results of those activities (to how many people we have arrived with each one), and finally, the most important of all, metrics that measure the strategic result of our activity (perception, brand image, ROI, market share, activity volume, number of repeaters, referred patients, etc.).
  • To analyze and implement changes. Once the monitoring system is implemented, it must allow us to see what is going on and make decisions in a way that contrasts with reality.
  • To take into account the short, medium and long term goals. Because a Social Media marketing plan must pursue results in all three directions, including those that seek immediate impact for patient recruitment, middle loyalty, and long-term brand building.
  • To ensure communicative coherence. All parts of a system must align with the same axis. What is our position as a medical center? What are our ethical and medical values? What patient profile do we want to address? What differentiates us from other competing centers? All this would have to imperatively mark the way we should communicate and care for our patients.

In short, leaders of rural hospitals should be aware of the need to actively incorporate marketing as a strategic management tool to optimize the results of their business activity.

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