Meat eaters will never go hungry in Kashmir

Highly influenced by Central Asian cuisine, including those of Persia

and Afghanistan, the aromatic flavor of Kashmiri food draws millions

of visitors to its fold every year and if you are reading this,

chances are that Kashmir might be on your itinerary next year. Meat

has a special place in Kashmir cuisine as it offers the much needed

warmth in the cold climate of the state. And the sheer variety in

which meat is cooked in dishes like Aab Gosht, Gushtaba, shami kebabs;

mutton roganjosh is something that can only be experienced firsthand.

Ghee is the preferred medium to cook meals as it lends a special

flavor and aroma to each dish and so is saffron which is the garnish

of choice in pulaos and sweets. Onion and garlic are rarely used but

curd, asfoetida, aniseed are used liberally as flavorings.

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