Mobile Applications for Ramadan are gaining popularity

There are billions of Muslim all around the world. From the end of May, they are set to begin observing the holiest month from the Islamic Calendar, known as Ramadan. Throughout their fasting hours, they refrain from certain activities like water, food, sex, gossip, cigarettes, and other activities. It is considered to be the time for discipline, reflection, spiritual growth and inner peace. To provide right and hand to hand details of this holy month, a growing number of Ramadan android apps for smartphones are being developed to help Muslims keep tracks of different religious obligations and details.

Such applications help the user to track everything from prayer time to the time of iftar, the number of counts you recited the tasbeeh to keeping records of Qibla while you are not at home. Various technology companies are producing thousands of Ramadan timetable apps with a hope that these apps will help people from different faith and beliefs to practice their religion including the Muslims. Ramadan timetable 2017 app are aimed to put the key details and information about the roza (daily fasts), prayers (namaz) and other relevant details at their fingertip.


The Five Duties

Fasting (sawn) is one of the five duties of the Islamic faith. The others are the profession of faith (kalima), the daily recitation of the five daily prayers (salat), the giving of alms (zakat) and the fulfillment, at least once in their life, the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca (Saudi Arabia).


Namaz times during Ramadan

Prayers are to be conducted at the right time with a ritual purity and with appropriate clothing. During prayer, the man has to cover parts of the body between the navel (inclusive) and knees (included). The woman must have covered the entire body except for the hands and face. The ritual purity is accomplished through a series of washing operations with clean water. These procedures are called “ablutions” and must be made before the prayer.


Prayer Times

The hours of prayer change according to the position of the sun, that ‘it means changing a few minutes every day because of the movement of our earth around the sun. Five prayers in Islam must be recited every day at defined time frames; at dawn, at noon, in the middle ‘afternoon, sunset, and when night falls, so beating the rhythm of the entire day.

While the Muslims are assumed to pray five times a day throughout the year, most of them are particularly observant for the prayers during the month of Ramadan. Through Ramadan app, a user simply needs to note the namaz time and set the reminders for the same.

Apps that cater to twenty-first century Muslims

The developer’s opinion is that their main aim of developing Ramadan 2017 App is to cater to the demands of the modern Muslims. Islam is followed by countries throughout the world, in different groups, sects, and philosophies. Ramadan is the independent and joining link as they influence the particular way of thinking.

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