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We are witnessing an ongoing fear of financial recessions that includes inflation, deflation, layoffs and a lot worse. Indeed we are at financial trouble but there is way to overcome this trouble and erase the fear of unemployment or lack of opportunities.

I have been reading a lot on this and thought of putting something together since it’s the $$$ we all are heading for and how we can make it honestly, quickly and effectively. Here are some of the decent way of making money:


  1. FREELANCING : If do not like to be a full time employee go for freelancing. No matter if you are a web designer, lawyer, and architecture a lot of sites like freelancer, peopleperhour, upwork etc. are there to help you. You can make good money if you have a sound knowledge of your subject. Even if you are part timer, you can go for obtaining work from these sites. Besides if you are a full time job guy too then also you can grab some jobs as per your availability, assuming you are not violating any terms with your full time job company.
  2. BLOGGING : If you have some good writing skills then I would suggest you to start a blog. Even you can do as a part of hobby to write on something even if it’s poetry. There are millions of blogs and if you write damn great then you can sell a good advertising on your site. Remember Huffington post did started as blog and today it’s a giant. So do book a domain and get a wordpress installed on your site and if you want almost free blogging tool then I would recommend tumblr and blogger.
  3. WRITE A BOOK : Once again if you are a good author, do write a book on your subject and make money by publishing it online at Kindle. If it’s a good book, then you will start getting a handsome royalty from the same.
  4. ECOMMERCE : If you own a shop and sells good, why not trying to sell it online. I found that one of my friend helped his uncle in selling some antiques online. Since old people are not aware of internet so you can help any of your relatives, friends and even become a partner in their online business. Amazon Associates, Ebay stores etc. provides a free platform where you can sell your products, just little bit of commission on every purchase to them.
  5. AFFILIATE MARKETING : This is somewhat the same which I discussed in other point of blogging. So if you have a good content site and audience on it, you can sell products, services through several affiliate networks. Commission Junction , Bizrate & Clickbank etc. are worth trying.
  6. HOUSE RENTALS : If you own a house, apartment and often rent it, then do try holiday rentals. Airbnb provides a platform where travelers found holiday apartments at reasonable cost. Besides you as a landlord can make good money compare to renting your house to a local tenant. If you own a garden or a bungalow or big parking lot then you can put that on renting too and make fair money.
  7. CAR RENTAL : If you own a car and rarely use it, you can put that on car rental business. Uber is one of the innovative service in which you can put your private car for carpooling and make good money. Besides you can give your car to any travel agency too. Besides if its possible to get your private car converted to commercial vehicle will give you an advantage and then you can hire a driver and deploy it as a taxi, which is a fair amount of money in big metropolitans. In India it’s a great business, check this article.
  8. ONLINE TUTORS : This is indeed a growing field and lot of teachers / trainers are joining in. If you are a good teacher then start an e-learning school or institute, award diplomas and help your students in their career. Local tutorials are costly and its not possible to cover a lot of students in one go but in e-learning you can educate even thousands at a time. Check this site
  9. PODCASTS : Its not possible to start a radio station but if you are a good orator then you can start up the podcasts stuff. A lot of online podcasts are available and audience is on the hike. Even if you are singer, upload your music there and see how it goes. You can make good money if your work is awesome. Explore SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts. The same thing can be done in terms of video and starting a youtube channel is a big plus.
  10. ONLINE SURVEYS : If you have some spare time from your job then working for some good online survey sites is a plus. Check out this list. But be aware as several spammer and fraudsters are there in the market and hence a prior research before signing up for any program will be good.
  11. BUY/SELL DOMAINS : This is interesting for those people who can maintain the domains list which could be the next brand. So if you do buy a fine list of domains which may have some value in the future then it’s a worthy investment. Do you know how crazy the money went for some domains – check this list. Sedo is a good domain marketplace.
  12. INVESTMENT : This is the one which is quite important and if you do save money then its best if you invest it further to make more. I do not object in spending money over leisure and entertainment but its better if you save some and invest further. Do remember this Chinese proverb “He who will not economize will agonize”. Putting money on real estate, gold, silver, fixed deposits, insurance schemes, mutual funds, and shares is worth considering but I must caution you to take advice from trusted sources before putting your precious money into any scheme. Investment is always a plus, so investing X amount of money will lead to X+ if its done wisely although market risks matter in several cases.
  13. START AN ENTERPRISE : Finally if you have guts and passion start your own business. Or if you are tired of doing your full time job then be your own boss. Starting a business today is not that difficult if you have a great idea with a proper business plan. You can have lots of investments like – venture capitalists, angel investors, crowd funding etc. for your “start-up”. Take your time and investigate the case studies of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Alibaba, Twitter etc. May be you’re the next billionaire if your product hit the market.


So friends I do recommend to try any of these and its possible you can even go for all points which seems crazy though.

I may have missed a lot but do hope this could help you in your life and make you strong and independent financially.

  • Remember Robots are coming!!!
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