Here is what you must know about the basics of gundog training

Gundogs are special. There is no doubt about that. They are different from the pet dogs that stay home most of the time and have the luxury of chilling indoors most of the times. However, it is important to know that when it comes to training a gundog, the basics aren’t any different from those that are used to train other breeds. There are many dog owners who feel extremely nervous when they first choose to bring home a gundog puppy. They feel they need to know special tricks and techniques to start training. Since gundogs are hunter dogs, the cues that work for them are different. However, talking about behavioural psychology of dogs, they are pretty much the same as other dogs. They also need to begin with basic training like potty training. They too are taught how to respond to their name before anything else. If you have any doubts about your little hunter pup, the best thing to do is visit one of the gundog training centres in your location and have a chat with an expert. However, before you do that, acquaint yourself with the basics of training a gundog puppy!

Take it slow in the beginning

When a pup is first brought into a new environment, it feels lost. It doesn’t know anyone around. There is obviously a huge shift in terms of the things it is seeing around itself. Even the voices are different. There is no wonder that it feels extremely lost. So, without worrying about it too much, you need to accept it and act accordingly. Make sure you are very patient when dealing with it. Don’t push too much! It never helps especially when you have a gundog puppy! Talk to any professional in gundog training centres and you will find out that patience is the key to effective dog training. It doesn’t matter what breed you are dealing with.

Don’t give in to tantrums

Almost all the pups feel spoilt after you give it so much attention. Don’t be surprised if it starts throwing tantrums every now and then. For first few days you can be lenient. However, make sure that you don’t pay too much attention to your pup’s tantrums. As it begins to grow up, it needs to learn that it has to be obedient and needs to do what it is being told to do. It needs to remember that it can’t get away with its whining all the time. There are many experts who offer dog training, Liverpool. You can talk to them if you feel there is something unusual about the puppy you have brought home. Sometimes, some pups refuse to respond to their names or are so lazy that owners start worrying if there is something wrong with their pups. Rule out any possibilities of a disease. Just have a candid chat with an expert at any time to know that you are doing the right thing while training your dog!


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