The Natural Selection – Okotoks Landscaping

As always as we are seen is what defines us, the age old saying was not said for nothing. The same is true no matter where you go and whatever you do.

When we think of the Japanese Culture, the word and imagery related to “Bonsai” automatically comes to mind, The Chinese ring with beautifully carved greeneries and trees surrounding a temple, shoaling dojo or just the normal residential but beautiful houses.

Every continent of the planet is reflected by the way it keeps and shapes its nature around it so why not you?

Quite obviously a great scenic view of your business firm or office, your home or your private property can work wonders in attracting customers, automatically enhancing your brand value, strengthening your real estate values and last but not the least, giving you and your wonderful lovely place a majestic look that just soothes the soul and the eye.

And that is exactly what we do, we are Dream Scapes Earth Management, a part of Matthew Bohonis – Lovegrove Inc.

Based in 2015, we have the motto and expertise in perfect Okotoks Landscaping services.

Based in Calgary, out of Turner Valley, we have no problem into lending our honest and dedicated hard work and perfect landscaping and gardening services, to other areas of Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Millarville, Priddis, Bragg Creek, South Calgary, Okotoks, Longview, High River and many South Albarta Locations.

How we can help you? –

With over 15 years of exemplary services and experience in gardening and land grooming industry, we obviously possess the required skills, talents, knowledge and perfection to handle any of your gardening and nature grooming needs for your properties.

Be it residential, private or commercial, be it small or large scale services, we handle it all.

From full on projects to weekly trimming, sodding, regrading, mowing and other such smaller services, we curate them all with no annoying disturbances to you!

Here are a few of our services that we would like to show you-

Gardening – Design & Build, Hedge & Tree Trimming, Lawn Care and Grass cutting, Trimming, Brush Cutting & Removal, Spring Clean up Packages, Complete Yard Maintenance, Septic Tank Field Installation, Garden Bed Construction, Gravel Hauling, Mini Hoe & Skid steer Work, Rock Detail Construction, Complete Yard Construction, Sod Prep/Sod laying, Top Soil RE-grading and many more!

Our motto line is – “if you can dream it, we can build it!”

So if you have any such preferences for your workplace, office, your home or any other private property that you want our services for, feel free to contact us anytime –

Or give us a call us at 403 -803 -3147 today!

All our services are very affordable and of the best industrial quality with state of the level apparatus and machines used in our services, and with over 15 years of exceptional grass cutting services in Calgary, we sure know the subtle issues of a failed gardening construction that are related to the “Harsh Calgary Climates”.

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