Are you negligent or were there other reasons for the car accident?

There are many factors like driver’s negligence, defects or problems with the vehicles involved, poor conditions of the road and many others factors may be responsible for the road accidents. Hence, it becomes imperative to know the real cause of the accident. Because the liability for damages that are arising out of a car accident, usually falls on the driver who is negligent while discharging the duties. Exceptions are always there, and same goes for the cases of car accidents. So it is equally important to understand the factors responsible for the road accident.

Driver’s Negligence

The legal liability and the issue of fault in most of the personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims relating to injuries suffered in an accident depend on to a great extent on establishing who was negligent. One of the most common reasons for a driver being negligent while driving the vehicle is h/she may be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or may be intoxicated. Probably, we all come across the commercials promoting not to take certain medications or drugs while operating vehicles or heavy machinery. So, if, in a car accident you are found to be under the influence of any such medication or drugs, then you will be accused of being negligent while driving.

Another common reason that counts under the driver’s negligence is being inattentive while on the road. A driver can be counted as negligent for innumerable ways like taking eyes off the road even for a second, looking at someone or something passing of the sides of the road, reading books, newspaper or looking at a map. Further,  operating a cell phone or texting while driving,  adjusting seats and putting make or shaving while behind the wheels is also counted for being negligent.

Wyoming car accident Attorney understands the true meaning of negligent driving to ensure that person who suffered the injuries can get the required claim in all such cases. They ensure and works towards improving the chances for a good settlement.

Poor conditions of the roads.

Accidents can be caused for the reason of poor road conditions. Several elements can be counted for the poor road conditions like sinkholes or potholes in the road, breaks or cracks developed on the road and unleveled lanes. Further, roads under construction, confusing road signs, depleted shoulder on the road and flagman with improper instructions are also counted under poor road conditions.

If the reason for the car accident is poor road condition, the person who has suffered injury has a claim not just against the other driver, but also against the governmental authorities who are responsible for the maintenance of the roads.

Bad or defective vehicle condition.

If your car is not in a proper condition or defective, it could be dangerous for you as well as for others on the road. Car defects not only includes the problem with which car came from the factory but also the problem that are developed over the years because of use of the car. It could be anything like wearing out of the brakes and other problem that are impeding proper driving of the car. If you are knowingly driving a car that needs repair, you are inviting travel for yourself. On the contrary, if you are injured by a driver driving a defective car you will not have a problem in getting the settlement you are looking for.

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