No time to read the book, it’s okay go for these movies and it will change your life

MoviesWell I am a reader and keep on my reading habits regularly. One of my friends approached me and said books are great source of knowledge and we can do anything in our life if we have absorbed the great content.

But it’s quite boring to read the book, even today we have the audio versions but still people do not have time to read the books. But they do have time to watch TV (whether its Soap Opera or movies) almost 90% of world population is addicted to TV. Check this stats. More here. Television is almost in every country and even if they do not make their own programmes they do borrow from other countries and watch it.

Let’s get back to our subject since I am not here to explain the aspects of television or its vital statistics, I am here to guide you how you can increase your I.Q. through television / movies etc. even without reading books.

Before I start I would say that movies are the tip of iceberg compare to books, but still its good for those who never wants to open a book.

But I would like to explain something about why you need that. Its quite clear that life came into existence roughly 4 billion years and so on, but we do count on the intelligent life which do came a few million years ago and there are lots of explanation why we need to get more and more intelligent for survival.

Hence if you want to get health, wealthy and wise its not that you have to rise up early (although good idea) but its knowledge and wisdom which counts finally. Look at world today, only those have made progress in which the education has been remarkable and upto the standard. Check this list and you can see the level of prosperity

It was knowledge that freed the slaves as they thought why they are they treated like merchandize. And it science and technology which has solved a lot of problems which seem to be impossible. And to do this we need intelligent people and for them its must to engage with education which is not taught in schools properly. The only problem with academics is that they force student to read and not understand, besides they don’t not even give them a choice. So if you want to be an astrophysics then teacher should encourage the student to explore all material related to that and not stick with old text books.

Anyways now I would recommend the following movies which are worth watching, I have explained what will you gain from them so in case it does not suit you, you need not to go for it.

I have complied this list from AFI and IMDB and I will be putting the Amazon link from where you can buy them.

Art is the superset of everything and we have already read about it and its mainly in the form of literature. Literature depicts human behavior, society and do creates empathy which is very important for any civilization to understand and help others.

Citizen Kane : This is one of the best movie, directed by talented and young director Orson Wells. The film depicts the rise an fall of business tycoon in USA. The movie is a must watch for everybody and understand that money is not everything. More info at Amazon (Category : Classic)

Casablanca :The same old classics, depicting the romantic story of an Individual. This movie shows how love and romance goes on and sacrifice which is not even thought about plays a key role for somebody you really love. More info at Amazon (Category : Classic)

The Godfather : This indeed is one of the finest movie and shows that nobody can be happy and sustain his family if it’s a criminal. It shows the underworld gangs and their lives and why anybody must avoid to even go forward for it. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

Gone with the Wind : This is a narrative cinema which compiles the love story along with civil war events. And it’s the first movie to win 10 oscars and if you do watch it, you may not believe that its was made in 1939.  More info at Amazon (Category : Classic)

Lawrence of Arabia : One of the best picture from David Lean, depicting the Ist world war scenario and how British helped Arab to get freedom from Ottoman empire, although they (Arabs) were taken by British and they created their countries as colonies. This movie tells the strength of an individual and how can anybody work in such a pressurized environment like wars. More info at Amazon (Category : Classic)

The Wizard of Oz : Some people do not like musicals but they are considered as one of the best movies and its very difficult to make. This particular movie is the only one which depicts a female character in a leading role and all misogynists should know that a female character and run the whole movie on her own. More info at Amazon (Category : Musical Classic)

The Graduate : Fornification and Adultery both can ruined your life and you have to be careful about it. This movie is the best example to show how one must avoid things which could lead him/her into trouble. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

All About Eve : This movie will tell you how any industry works especially the film industry. Besides it shows the character of women from good to bad to ugly. This movie is for the people who helped others without taking precautions or are not careful what they are doing. Also show how a common person can turn into a giant using malpractices. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

The Grapes of Wrath : Based on American Great Depression, this movie from John ford (master of Artistic cinema) is a must watch. It will show you how the society and family reacts when there is financial trouble. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

2001: A Space Odyssey : This an awesome science fiction film directed by an intellectual director – Stanley Kubrick. You will know what can be the primary hypothesis behind life on earth as well as intelligent life. Besides it’s a work of great scientific writer – Sir Arthur C. Clarke. More info at Amazon (Category : Science Fiction)

Apocalypse Now : A very strong war movie, not for weak hearted. Depicts the situation of war zones here the Vietnam war. It shows how an ordinary and good person can be so formidable under war situations. More info at Amazon (Category : War)

To Kill a Mockingbird : Racism has destroyed the society and is one of the evil which do exists today. So someone has to stand-up against it. A very nice movie from great writer Ms. Harper Lee. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

The Best Years of Our Lives : This is a very realistic movie by great director William Wyler. It shows the relationship and the effects of war veterans once they are back to their old world, its really difficult. A very nice and touchy movie. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

North by Northwest : What do you say about Hitchcock, a suspense film director. Well in this movie he shows how the suspense goes even if its revealed. The direction is superb and acting too. More info at Amazon (Category : Thriller)

A Clockwork Orange : An awesome movie showing the post apocalyptic and totalitarian society. And showing the way of changing it back to normal. One of the strongest movie worth watching. More info at Amazon (Category : Dystopian)

The Silence of the Lambs : Need to know what’s inside the mind of heinous criminal or psychopath. This movie is worth watching. Besides do show how the real police investigation works and its loopholes. A very tough movie with NC-17 rating but will surely get your thrilled. More info at Amazon (Category : Thriller)

Network : All media business, how they started and ended. This is one of the best film ever know which is indeed my subject of this post. People watch useless stuff on TV and make a country into an Orwellian state.  More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

Ben-Hur : No matter if you’re not religious but do try to understand the real meaning of religion, how it started and what prophets meant. This movie is the indication of what is happening to the world. War, revenge and jealousy can lead to nothing but destruction of all. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

Fargo : What greed can do to you, this is the answer to that question. Based on true events and directed by awesome directors – Joel and Ethan Cohen, this is a must watch for everybody. More info at Amazon (Category : Black Comedy)

12 Angry Men : This movie puts a great question mark on the judiciary as well as the society. A lot of countries have abolished the death sentences and this movie depicts in a very beautiful way as how its disastrous. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

Pulp Fiction : This is crazy and I can say that almost all of you have seen it. But the real message as how crime works in the valley.  More info at Amazon (Category : Black Comedy)

Do the Right Thing : Riots, Riots and Riots everywhere. How do they start and end. This is a must watch film for all citizens of all countries. So how a small scuffle can lead to a disaster is pictured precisely. More info at Amazon (Category : Drama)

Burnt Offerings :A very under-rated movie but what you will see into this will make you jump from your chair. An awesome horror movie. More info at Amazon (Category : Horror)

Well this is as of now, I have not covered the international cinema like – New Wave Cinema of Europe, Japan, Iran or India. But you just explore these ones and surely I will keep you updated on other awesome movies in near future.

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