Obedience Training – Away to make a dog better canine citizen

Obedience training is a conventional term use to refer obedience competitions and it is one of the most formal kinds of training. But it has a broader meaning than what all dog owners presume, stimulus control is something that this training aims to achieve. Stimulus control has been practised in one or another way by many dog owners without being aware of the fact that how it needs to be performed. Dogs respond to our instructions when we ask them and does not when we do not ask them to do so.

They require understanding and training skills of how the commands work so that they can respond to our cues. A cue or command is a stimulus that draws out a response as the canine is expecting a reward for following the instructions.  Dogs have a natural trait of following their leader, and they look for that leadership. Canine, being a pack animal follow the instruction of their pack leader. The fundamental feature of any obedience training is to establish a healthy relationship and earn respect through leadership and proper training techniques.

Is obedience training essential for healthy human-canine-relationship?

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do to have a healthy relationship with your dog. Some crucial needs of your pooch’s life like exercise, mental stimulation, spending time with the owner and others are addressed through obedience training. The dog trainers in the UK have designed the training in such a way that it brings mutual trust and respect with your canine. It is a step by step process towards building a healthy relationship.

Your dog will be in danger in the lack of an obedience training.  Unfortunately, it’s a reality that untrained dogs are sent to the animal shelter as a society and other pets find it difficult to accept them for many reasons.  An untrained canine is unsafe for both human and animal around them. And above all an untrained dog can challenge your authority or leadership at any time.

Does technology have any role to play in obedience training?

Clicker training is based on scientific and technological concepts and imparted to promote rewarding behaviour and ignore the unwanted behaviour. It involves the use of a small clicker device that produces recognisable sounds. The techniques are used to get your dogs trained to associate the sound of a click with food rewards, and once they can achieve this association, then actual obedience training starts.  The clicker training needs to be done before your pooch is twenty weeks old. However, it can be imparted to an older dog who has never undergone any obedience training.

While training a dog for obedience, it is imperative he should be praised and rewarded when he does what his owner ask of him and should be appropriately corrected if he is not able to do what he has been taught to do. Obedience training should be short, sharp and fun for better results. Obedience training looked upon as a way to make a better canine citizen.


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