Overcome slipped disc problem with the help of a chiropractor

The spine (or backbone) of the human is made of 24 bones known as vertebrae. Vertebrae are stacked on top of each other. There exists a circular pad of connective tissue known as discs in between each of the 24 vertebrae. These discs have a tough outer case and have a gel-like substance inside the discs. The wide range of movement and flexibility of the human’s back is just because of the presence of these substances. Slip disc is a condition when one of the discs of cartilage in the spinal system is damaged and is creating pressure on the nerves. The condition is also known as herniated disc or prolapsed.

Reason for the slipped disc.

Now the question arises what are the reasons or probable causes of the slip disc. It occurs due to the breakdown of connective tissues encompassing the disc. The breakdown of the tissues leads to bulging out of the inner gel-like substance. Once the disc is damaged it creates pressure on the whole of the spinal cord or sometimes on an individual nerve root in the cases where such nerves have left the spinal cord. Further, it causes pain in the area of the poked disc, and it also causes pain in the area of the body under control of the nerve which is being pressurized by the disc.

Reasons other than age for slipped disc.

Most of the time it is not clear what caused the breakdown of the disc, and usually, it is believed that age could be the possible reason for the breakdown of the disc. The water content of the spinal cord starts mitigating as you age, which makes the disc less flexible and it rupture or split over the period. Further, smoking also leads to a slipped disc as it causes the disc to lose its inherent flexibility. Apart from these, there are other factors like awkward bending, lifting, sitting for longer durations, being overweight and back injury also causes slipped disc.

Chiropractors evaluate the entire spine to know the reason.

People between the age of 30 and 50 are amongst the most impacted by the problem of a slipped disc. And the ailment is more prevalent among men as compared to women and most of the time it occurs in the area of the lower back. It is a chiropractor who can better address the problems related to slipped disc and back pain. In your first appointment, the Chiropractors in Calgary go through your medical history, perform the physical exam, neurological and orthopedic tests. They evaluate the entire spine to check if you have an injury or there are some other reasons for your malady.

Calgary Chiropractor develops a treatment plan for the treatment of slip disc problem of their patients. The treatment plan includes the chiropractic techniques like Flexion-distraction Technique, Manipulation UnderAnesthesia, and Pelvic Blocking Techniques. Further spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercises, and manual therapy are also used by the Calgary Chiropractors to treat the problem of a slipped disc. And if they found that these techniques are not showing the required results within the required time they will recommend you to spine surgeons.

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