Powered with file manager, your iPhone can do even more!

If you own an iPhone, you must be pretty sure that it is one solid purchase. It is hard to compete with a phone like that. Amazing features like a great camera, utility and various easy ways to connect and share with other iPhone users are some of the many features that make iPhone out of the world. However, if you think that your truly wonderful phone can’t possibly get any better, then think again. With a file manager, it is sure to get even better than it already is! That is right. It can be ten times more versatile and efficient if only you get the file manager iPhone app, whichis a great way to not just manage files but to organize your life and live it the hassle-free way!

Once you install this document manager iPhone app in your phone, a whole world of possibilities open up for you. You get to access all your work files from wherever you are. So, if you are on the go and don’t want to carry your laptop, by all means, don’t. With the file manager in your phone, you can read files, edit them, share them and delete them, too. What’s more, you can create and expand zip files, along with uploading and downloading from the dropbox. If security is what is bothering you then rest assured that the files are all pass code protected. Protecting the confidentiality of your docs will be the last thing on your mind. That is not all. It also has a PDF creator which you can use to convert files to PDF readable form. When we say files, we also mean web pages, which you are interested in and want to read in the future. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Since it goes hand in hand with your iPhone, it also supports file sharing that is exclusive to your phone. So, share files from iTunes with other iPhone users, if you want. What about the times when sharing has to happen with a friend who doesn’t have an iPhone? Go ahead and share stuff via emails, Bluetooth and social media platform if that is what you want. It is all possible with this fabulous manager that is almost like a blessing for a person who wants to do more in less time.

It is not just an organizer; it is a great video player iPhone app, too. It comes with a lot of options; one of the most amazing one is the ‘Open in’ feature. Now choose how you want to open a specific file. Also, searching for the file you need is now ten times easier for there is an option to search as well as sort files. Just decide how you want to sort your files and you are home. Date, size or file kind, whatever you choose and however you choose to sort, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised with its many features.


To download, visit here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/file-manager-document-editor/id725481535?mt=8

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