Qibla Finder Applications- The One Of Its Kind Of Technology

During the prayer process, Muslims must confront the Great Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, therefore, it may be noted that those seeking this direction, known as Qibla, very often use a compass, somewhat inaccurate and practical for less experienced users.

Then, to make the search process less complicated, Google wants to simplify the process, and so, just by using the mobile phone, it can give you highly accurate signals, the right direction to where to go to pray.

Qibla Finder is a web application that seeks to take advantage of the augmented reality to help the users so that you can find the correct address in which they need to be placed to pray, which makes for Ramadan this year, Google adds a Series of features suitable for your various services.

Help Note:

For the most precise measurement, the phone or tablet must be kept flat and at an adequate distance from the electromagnetic fields for accurate aiming.

Qibla Compass is an Android smartphone application that helps mobile users of Muslims around the world in finding the exact address of Qibla (قبلة) and also gives exact namaz times to make them offer sentences easily. This Qibla Finder shows the course of the Kaaba with the help of its unique and easy to understand Qibla Compass. The app also has Islamic date converter as well as Islamic Prayer app.

Muslims perform their prayers to the Kaaba, which is in Mecca. The correct address is significant. A straight angle is critical. Obtain the Qibla address from your current location. Get the right qibla address with this application. This application uses a mixture of complex algorithms. Compass on the device, GPS sensors, Android localization system, internet sources and Google map services are used to find the right angle.

Via GPS sensor anywhere in the world. “To Mecca” and Kaaba seeker.

This application uses both the Qibla in Map  method and the classic compass method. Therefore, it is very easy to solve the Qibla angle with this application.

Muslim prayers can use this compass algorithm with their Android phones and tablets. We are working hard to keep you in every location.

Using GPS sensors, it is likely to calculate the right angle Qibla, but outside these places, we recommend using Google map algorithm, or you can use predefined city records.

Use the reminder Athan/Azan call to define and calculate prayer times Muslims pray salat using location based on different conventions.

Find the nearest mosque, with the smart google map mosque finder.

Automatic location detection from the networks or GPS, or finding your location manually trying (without the Internet)

The time and the remaining time for the next prayer is mentioned to help you prepare in time for the prayer.

Quickly rotate the Adhan On/off for any Salah alarm with one touch.


If you feel that your application gives you the wrong prayer times, it is most likely related to your settings. In most cases, allowing self-setting is the safest way to get the most accurate prayer times.

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