Qiblah Compass Application For Ramazan

Qibla Compass – an application for Android-communicator, with which you can know the exact direction of Kaaba, which is located in Mecca. The application shows the direction and distance to Muslim holy shrine from Mecca. Also, the program will prompt the start time of prayer.

  • You are out of town?
  • You travel to some trips?
  • You are out of the country?
  • You want to say a prayer, and you lost Qiblah direction?

No problem, answer all questions, not only one, which is Islamic Qibla direction compass. Now, no matter where you are? Your Qibla direction on your Android, just get it in your hand, the compass will tell you about the direction of the Qiblah.

Qibla Compass is a smartphone application that helps Muslim mobile users around the world to find the exact direction of Qibla (قبلة), and also provides accurate prayer timings, to make them easy to offer prayers. Qibla Compass shows the actual direction of the Kaaba at a certain point with the help of its unique and easy to understand the interface of Compass.

Distinctive features:

Using this Qibla Compass, you can:

  • Find Qibla direction anywhere anytime
  • Calculate the distance Qiblah of the existing space in both kilometers and degrees
  • Free tool compass with magnetic indicator
  • Get Qibla Direction and offer prayer in right direction
  • Islamic Prayer Times
  • Different themes with offline mode Qibla finder
  • An important tool that should be a necessary part of your Android

Importance of Qiblah and Makkah in Islam

For a Muslim, knowing the correct direction is one of the most important elements of the daily routine. In addition to the general sense of direction, knowledge of the North, East, South and West helps a Muslim to identify the direction of Qibla in front of which he or she says prayer five times a day. There are Muslims who find it difficult to keep track of addresses or because of extensive travels they cannot locate Qiblah to say the prayer, for them. Find Qibla finder app is a mobile phone application that can serve as a Qiblah seeker to help them in finding Qiblah.

Such is the importance of right Kaaba direction in Islam. This means that before you offer your salah with doubts or a rough idea of right direction, you must get connect to the Internet, install the lightweight Qibla Compass application in your Android device and find the right and exact location within minutes.

Since, the holy month of Ramazan 2017 is round the corner, it makes sense to become precautious of these things and make offering Salah on time and on right place, a habit! Just imagine, a small application and you can easily know the salat times five times a day, get Islamic Calender and Ramadan timings for 2017, notification and alarm setting for each prayer, multiple sounds for Azan, Juristic Methods: Shafii and Hanfi etc.

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