Ramadan 2017 – Special Application for Muslims!

Almost everyone on this earth is aware of this festival which we know by the name of “Eid-al-fitr” and also we know how important it is for those who belong to the Muslim Community. It is not only about how special this festival is for them, but how hard they struggle to finally make their reach on this holy day. Being totally dedicated towards their religion, they always make sure to get each and every step towards the fulfilment properly made.

Eid-al-fitr is always believedto fall during the month of July! Logically this, marks month of June, also known as Ramadan month according to Hijri Calendar, as the holy month. This is the time when whole of the Muslim community work on bringing that huge drastic positive change in their lives. They, during this month, where everyone is just craving for some good food and chilled drinks, abstain from all of these daily needs.

And now, as Ramadan 2017 is approaching by, every Muslim is just preparing their best to make their best out of it. Though, there are also some of the rules which are important to be followed while one is deciding over to fast this month of the year. Fasting is important, but only to limited quality of them and not to the one who falls in the category described below:

  1. Children who cannot be marked under the category of teenagers.
  2. Woman who is pregnant, or maybe during the time of menstruation.
  3. One, who is traveling.

Also, in addition to this, there are many of those other things which one has to keep in mind while making their best in their dedication towards God. Though, it is not always easy to get everything known and remember and so which marks here an importance of something that can be of help. And so, being available in this internet and technology oriented world, there is a new Ramadan 2017 app which works at its best to make everything go easy for Muslims.

Different situations brings on different results and this application specializes in helping people in whatever they want it to, no matter whether it be about learning that Quran Surah or maybe reading one in different languages, everything here is made easy. Letting this new application go ignored is just not wise a decision as no one would deny with the fact that this is our multifunctional cell phone only which is making everything go easy and better.

This Ramadan android app,is nothing but a boon for that every person who belongs to Muslim community, as it won’t even let anyone to get their prayer times missed. Obviously, it is not that easy to remember everything in this too much hectic life of ours, whether it be timing or be anything else. But this application here makes it work well by providing whole of the information about prayer timings and other things as well. Looking over the benefits of this mobile application, one can Download Ramadan App from their Google play stores for free.

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