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If you are alleged with any type of sex crime, the most important decision that you must take is to contact our established sex crime defense lawyers. Attorneys at the Law Offices of Kerry L. Armstrong possess a proven track record of successful cases. Notwithstanding the kind of sex crime you are accused of, our skilled lawyers are always prepared to help you. Sex crimes are the law’s specific section and carry grave charges. Furthermore, it’s not only the seriousness of the charge but also there is a certain stigma that is attached when a person is convicted with a sex crime. Our Sex Crimes Attorneys understands the intricacies that are attached to such circumstances, thus they provide the best defense services to the accused.

Every case of a sex crime accused is taken responsibly, with professionalism and importance. Our firm serves to the people who are alleged of sex crimes comprising the following: Sexual Assault, Failure to Register, Sexual Battery,   Child Pornography, Rape, Child Molestation, Statutory Rape, Prostitution, Date Rape, Indecent Exposure, Conduct that is lewid and Internet Sex Crimes.

Why a Strong Defense is Essential

A defense that is tough is essential for an accused because if you are convicted of the sex crime, you may have to face horrors such as potential imprisonment, penalties, counseling programs, and you may even be required to register for life as a sex offender!  Many a time, certain cases are hard to evaluate because except for the prosecutor and the prosecuted various sex offenses hold no witnesses. Thus, while facing such a grave situation it becomes all the more important to have our accomplished and determined sex crime defense lawyer as only our skilled lawyers can guard your interests.

Such a grave charge is most often caused because of various hidden motivations. For instance, a truly consensual sex can be transformed into an allegation of rape and it can be because of various reasons, “morning-after remorse,” vindictiveness and others to quote a few.

Our lawyers believe that a further probing of the facts can be very helpful in the formulation of an adequate defense. An out-and-out check is important for the accuser’s history and background. Besides this, there exists one another vital factor that must be investigated, is if in any way your rights violated by law enforcement personnel before or after you were charged. If this is the case, the judge may be convinced to clear the charge or even dismiss your case.

Our legal team consists of experienced lawyers who proactively work out your case and address your defense. We know the importance of a case’s consequences can mean to you and in the court, we will attempt out every possible way to defend your case, request dissolution or prevent your life and future from getting hampered.

We know how to defend your cases and protect your rights. Get the Powerful Sex Crime Defense You Need and call us at (619) 234-2300 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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