A Smart Way to Manage your Transportation Business

If you love driving but haven’t installed vehicle tracking device in your car, it is the time to do so. Vehicle tracking is important today. You can monitor the location of a vehicle using this technology. They are majorly used by companies that deal with large fleet of vehicles to keep a track on truck fleets. It ensures that the vehicles are being used properly and can be used in a situation of theft, robbery or accident.

One of the major problems that fleet management companies face is keeping the track of every vehicle. However, with vehicle tracking system in place, it has made life easier for many business owners.

Types of Tracking system

In order to install the tracking system, you require a device that would be installed in your vehicle; it would feed all the information about the vehicle into your tracking computer. This information would be primarily about the speed, locations etc. There are two kinds of tracking device that are used: Active and Passive

Active Device – Active tracking devices work real time. Which means, as long as your satellite or mobile network is available, it will keep transmitting data.

Passive Device – This kind of device stores the data into the system so that it can be downloaded as and when required. However, if your intention of using a vehicle tracking system is to check the location of the vehicle or the route, then passive system is not for you.

There are many systems that use the combination of both kinds of devices, active and passive. For instance, if you vehicle is out of coverage, the device would keep storing the information which can be downloaded at a later stage.

Uses of GPS Systems

Nowadays, all business owners who are in business of transportation or large fleet of vehicles have installed GPS tracking system in their vehicles. This has definitely made their life easier. Now you can make sure all your pick-ups and drops are in time. If you are in shipping business, then you can ensure timely delivery to your customers. Other than this, tracking device has also been helpful in routing and re-routing in case of traffic jams. If you are not aware of any route, GPD tracker would guide the driver with the exact route. Also, in case you have a delivery to make and you find traffic jam on the route, you can ask the driver to re-route so that the shipment can be made in time.

This device is also used to improve the driver behaviour in terms of driving. Usually truck drivers have a habit of over-speeding or taking long routes in order to make more money. But with device, the supervisors can know the route and ask the driver to take the defined route. Also, in case of accidents, you can know if it was driver’s fault or not. In case of theft or robbery of the vehicle, these tracking devices can be used for investigations purposes.

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