Take good care of your breasts! Boobs are special

Your breasts are the most beautiful part of your anatomy. Men have been enamored since time immemorial with the luscious nature of breasts. One boob will always be larger than the other just as one testicle is always larger than the other. Women are always concerned about the fact that their breasts will sag someday and they need to start using breast firming or breast enhancement creams, just as there are vagina tightening creams. With stress, pollution and harmful chemicals entering the food chain, it is important that you do a self mammogram by standing nude in front of the mirror and pressing the underside of the breasts. If there is swelling, eruptions or a definite hardness on any side of the breast, then you need to see your GP. The undersides of the breasts are often prone to skin diseases and infections and you should keep the area dry with a talcum powder or a clotrimazole dusting powder. If it pains when your partner sucks your nipples or during breastfeeding, then relying on painkillers like nimesulide will lead to gastric problems and you should get pain killers with domperidone sustained release antacids. Never be your own doctor.

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