Every year thousands of people enter into the UK for different reasons. More than 30000 enter as spouses of UK citizens and about 25000 for work reasons. Other reasons could be tourism, study, transit, visiting a family member (long term), child visitation in school, medical, the list goes on!

Applying for a visa to get into the UK is dependent on your purpose of visit for example if you intend to come into the U.K. Only for tourism purposes then you will be required to process a general visitor’s visa. This visa is the most base of all forms of visas and can be processed in 3months, this means the visa application should be done 3 months prior to set travel date but a decision can be made within3 weeks of request all things being equal.


How long can you stay with a visitor’s visa?


Well you can start for up to 6 months but there are certain exceptions which could lead to an extension

Medical reasons – up to 11 months

An academia on a research visit can stay up to 12 months along with his spouse or civil partner

If you can prove you need to visit the U.K. Regularly then you can apply for a visa that is valid for 2,5 or even 10 years. Visit an IMMIGRATION ADVISORY WEBSITE for more details.


What are the costs?

Usually a regular visitor’s visa (6 months) cost £87.  While the long term visas vary according to the desired length of stay.

2 years – £330

5 years – £600

10 years – £752

What documents do you need to provide?

A valid international passport

Banking statements to show you can support yourself preferably 6 months back

A page on your passport blank on both sides for the visa

A certified translation of your documents if they arnt in English or welsh .

There’re are supporting documents that can be found on immigration advisory websites required if you are applying

– For medical treatments

-As an organ donor

– An academic applying to stay for 12 months

– As an entrepreneur

-To take part in any UK based professional exam


What are the rules guiding a visitor’s visa ?

While in the UK with the visitor’s visa, there are certain things you can and cannot do.

You can

– Take part in business related activities (a full list of such activities can be found here)

– study for up to 30 days as long as it’s not ur primary reason for the visit

You can’t however

– work (both paid and unpaid)

– live in the UK for a long period of time through frequent visits

-get married

To know more about this and more visitor rules contact a UK IMMIGRATION LAWYER 


What other information will you need to provide?

– Your travel dates

– Details of where you will reside while in the UK

– Your estimated expenses breakdown

-Current home address

-Parent personal information

– Bank statements



No, not at all, the U.K. Visitors visa does not require an EEA FAMILY PERMIT as this is for individuals who are requesting to reside in the UK with family members whereas with the visitor’s visa, it is not compulsory you have a family residing in the UK unless you are coming for a family visit or child visitation and these do not require EEA Family permits.

Can you extend the Visitor’s Visa?

If you have applied for a 3month visitor’s visa and you wish to extend it, you are allowed to as long as your total duration is not more than 6months except of aforementioned cases. The best immigration lawyers are available in the UK to assist with this process and explain the rules guiding the process. It is important to note that this application must be done boots the expiration of the current visa while in the UK. It usually cost between £811 and £1,311 depending on the mode of application.

Contact an IMMIGRATION LAWYER today and get started

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