Three qualities that a dog behaviourist must have!

It is not the easiest thing to admit that your dog has behaviour issues. Most dog owners keep ignoring small things like scratching, digging and occasional aggression for a long time before all these things turn into a serious threat. No dog owner wants to deal with a problematic dog. The easiest way out for many people is denial. While it might work just fine for some time, you can never rule out the possibility of an unpleasant happening. That is when you realise you never should have waited for so long. If you feel that your dog has behaviour issues and you want an expert to look into the matter then you are doing the right thing. However, it is best not to rush through such matters because it can affect your poodle for life. You don’t want to choose just any behaviourist but the best dog behaviourist in Ormskirk before you can heave a sigh of relief.

When you do start looking for a behaviourist then make sure he or she has the following qualities before you choose them to take care of your dog.


Always choose a person with a lot of patience, because you know that fixing behaviour isn’t an overnight miracle. It is going to take a while, right? That is why we suggest that you choose a behaviourist who appears calm, gentle and patient. Mostly, you can tell how patient and genuine people are by the time they spend in listening to you. A good behaviourist will be all ears, will be interested in knowing even the smallest details and will ask genuine questions.


Experience matters a lot. Make sure you ask relevant questions to know a behaviourist better. Asking questions like how many cases they have handled and what breeds they have dealt with will tell you clearly if they have experience relevant to your case. Were they associated with a dog training centre or working independently? How many years have they spent as a dog behaviourist? Any affiliations or certificates? These questions will give you enough clarity about the credibility of behaviourists. You can then compare their answers and make up your mind accordingly.

Success Stories

Testimonials are important. You can tell a lot about a behaviourist just by reading what the clients have to say. These days every training centre has a website. You can simply go through it and read the testimonials people have written. Most of these stories are genuine. Also, keep your eyes open for another case that is similar to yours. It might be a good idea to choose a behaviourist who has already dealt with a poodle with similar issues!

If we were to put it simply – don’t just trust anyone. Choose the most trusted dog behaviourist in Warrington or wherever you are located in the UK. You can talk to us if you are looking for experts! We would be more than happy to associate with you and help you with our expertise. Visit our website: to know more!

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