Tips For Passing The Genuine Entrepreneur Test – Know How To Be Prepared

While applying for the Tier 1 entrepreneur visa in the UK, you need to go through a lot of procedures. Genuine Entrepreneur Test is one of those processes that play a vital role for the Home Office officials to determine whether an individual applicant should get the visa or not.

When you go to any professional and qualified London immigration solicitor then you can get detail information about this test. Your lawyer can help you a lot to be prepared for this test. He can tell you how to present yourself during the test and impress the officials with your answers and attitudes. Here are some vital tips for the entrepreneurs who apply for this visa and ready to face the test.

  • The first thing you need to do is preparing your visa application perfectly so that the chance of getting the approval from the officials becomes higher than ever.
  • In this matter, you should always try to hire a reliable and qualified immigration lawyer who has special experience in tier 1 entrepreneur visa category. A lawyer knows better what those officials are looking for from you during the Genuine Entrepreneur Test and they can guide you accordingly.
  • You must seamlessly draft your business plan. If you are confident enough and have prior experience in doing this then you can do it on your own; otherwise, you should take the help of the professionals that are involved in drafting business plans.
  • If you have prior experience about the market you wish to invest in, then you can get an extra advantage during the test. In case, you are new in that industry then go through relevant market research and study the current updates regarding the same. You have to prove that you have enough knowledge about your industry.
  • As an applicant, you must understand the shortfalls present in your application and have some extra preparation to face questions regarding those points.
  • Have relevant supportive documents or evidence with you for the experience or qualifications you have claimed that you possess in the application. Without evidence, the Home Office officials will not accept your claims and consider those claims as the fake ones.
  • Be accountable, consistent and credible while appearing in front of those officials. Remember that you are not applying for a tourist visa; you are applying for entrepreneur visa or Entrepreneur visa extension. Hence, you must show that you are a responsible and honest individual who have the capability to perform serious tasks like handling business in the UK.
  • Do not panic or get stressed regarding the test. It is not about your life and death; it is just a visa application, and you must feel confident about yourself and your business plan. However, showing arrogance is a strict NO in this case. Remember that you are there to get their approval on the basis of some genuine documents and plans. So, don’t try to impress them with unnecessary smartness, but show your respect to the norms of the country and its immigration department.

Keeping all these points in mind will help you to face the test in an easy, smooth and smart way.

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