Top Five Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

All of us need some relaxation from our busy work schedule but there are some hindrances that come in the path of relaxation tour planning. First comes the problem of leaves in case of offices and schools. Second can be the problem of budget. Thirdly, there is the problem of time while planning a good tour. For all these hindrances, weekend getaways are simply the best. First of all, as indicated by the name these are perfect for weekends and so no tension of leaves is there. Being a short tour the budget and time problem does not arise. There are some of the top locations for weekend getaways from Kolkata where people readily go and keeping this in mind the real estate developers have planned their upcoming projects in Kolkata covering these locations.

Top Five Locations

Digha – It is known as the beach town located on the shores of Bay of Bengal which is at a distance of 171 kilometres from Kolkata. This is simply a one stop destination for people for an immensely pleasurable weekend. The magnificent beaches, museums and religious temples make the place greatly attractive for the visitors. There are several hotels and resorts available in Digha but still there is high demand and thus the developers of real estate projects in Kolkata have started some of their projects in Digha as well.

Sundarbans – The place is known for its biggest mangrove forests in the world and is declared as UNECSO heritage site. Sundarbans provide a complete nature’ circle to the tourists from the Royal Bengal Tigers to the wonderful rivers and superb estuaries. It is just a nature’s paradise. The place offers the most dynamic flora and fauna. It is located at a distance of only 125 kilometres from Kolkata and is highly popular among the tourists and therefore several real estate developers have planned their upcoming projects in Kolkata including these areas as well.

Shantiniketan – It is particularly known for being the home of Rabindranath Tagore which is now a university and is famous for its classy blend of knowledge & aesthetic brilliance. This small town located in the Birbhum district of West Bengal about a distance of 179 kilometres from Kolkata attracts a lot of tourists and therefore several developers of real estate projects in Kolkata have planned to develop some resorts and villas in this area.

Bishnupur – A small town located at a distance of about 150 kilometres famous for its terracotta temples. The rich culture of the place including architecture, music and handicraft attracts a huge number of visitors. This is the reason that several real estate developers are planning to construct several hotels, resorts and villas here.

Bankura – This place is famous for its hills and temples which is simply a treat for the adventure sports lovers. It is located at a distance of 190 kilometres from Kolkata thereby making it convenient for the visitors. Due to the increasing popularity of the place, the property builders are planning for some of their upcoming projects in Bankura.


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