How a typical DUI arrest takes place

If a person is charged with Driving Under Influence, it is important for such a person to know about DUI and the consequences associated. When a person understands their rights and the penalties and the charges it allows the individual to decide whether to fight or just accept the charges as fate, pay the fees and move ahead. If you decided to fight your case in the court of law, or if you think there are chances of mitigating the charges, it is always advisable to discuss the case with DUI Lawyer Raleigh or DUI Attorney Raleigh.

Situations to stop.

If you were charged with a Driving Under Influence, you might be thinking whether you are in a typical situation or maybe the police officer who stopped you acted not in an appropriate manner. So it is imperative for you to know how a typical DUI arrest takes place. In most of the cases, you were stopped by a pair of law enforcement officers either for obvious sign of impairment, such as swerving in the lane you are driving or some violation of the law (like broken taillight or speeding, it does not make any difference) or other erratic driving. As long as officers had probable reason to believe that you were either violating any law or were under the influence of drug or alcohol, they have all the right to stop you and ask necessary questions.

If the police do not have a probable reason to stop you and your case goes to the court you can bring a motion to suppress which can result or may lead to the entire case being thrown out of the case.

Observation of the police officer

Once you are stopped or pulled over by the officers, you will be asked to produce your registration or license. If you struggle to get your documents or there was any evidence of drugs, or alcohol use ora smell emerges from your breath or in the case of marijuana the emanating smoke, you will be asked to exit the vehicle you are driving. From this point onwards every move you make is carefully documented by the officers for possible evidence of impairment and filed for later use against you. The observations filed will show up in the police officer’s report, which you will come to know for the first time in your arraignment.

Be careful while answering the officers.

Once you are out of the car or even when you were in it, the officers may ask you if you had anything to drink recently (or a similar question if you have drug or marijuana implicated). But you have to be careful while answering such questions, as the traffic officers are very careful and based on your answer they may make a further conclusions. Even worse, if for any reason your case goes to the court and you were not honest then you can be charged for lying to the officer.

Before you make any decision, it’s better to learn all about the DUI and how to assess your individual situation. If you find that you lack assessment it is always better to go for a consultation with a Raleigh DUI Lawyers to get a solution to the situation.


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