Vehicle tracking – Your expectation from a tracking system

About a decade ago, vehicle tracking technology could only be enjoyed in James Bond movies. But over the years, with the advancement in technology, vehicle tracking has helped transportation companies to track their vehicles with ease, leading to better management of the vehicles and savings for the business.

Companies dealing with fleet of vehicles use two types of vehicle tracking systems: web based and locally installed system. Since both are run by the internet, therefore internet plays a very important role in working of the system. But the good thing about the locally installed software is that you can carry on using some features of the tracking system that do not require real time internet connectivity. The other kind would not work unless you have internet connectivity.

In order to use both the kinds of system, the companies’ needs to get the GPS tracking devices installed in the vehicles that needs tracking and connecting it to the remote system.

Your Expectations from a good tracking system

The first and the foremost thing to do are to get the hang of the interface. It a simple and insightful task to do as it allows you to customize the software as per the need of your industry. However, as a company, it is important to consider that some of your employees might require utilising this software and hence would require access to the information. Therefore a small training should be planned in order to understand the system.

Since there are both kinds of van tracking systems available, real time and non-real time system, but it is better to install the real time one. The reason to this is that with real time tracking system you can get all the information of the vehicle instantaneously. A good real time system would allow you with various features like showing you the routes if you are on an unknown route or let you know the location of the vehicle literally to street views. Some systems are highly upgraded and even inform you about traffic jams so that you can divert yourself on other route to avoid the traffic. It prevents you from unnecessary fuel consumption and even customer service issues. This kind of system is quite important with the courier companies or shipping companies as there is a turnaround time to every delivery and needs to be done in time.

Another good feature that a tracking system should have is the access to the vehicle, driver and route history. A good tracking system would help the fleet managers to see the route history of the vehicle, number of stoppages and hours of halts, speeding offenses or driving rashly that can affect the economic health of the company. Some systems are even capable of setting zones where vehicles are not required to go and send alerts in case of any breach.

To summarize it, there are all kind of systems available in the market, depending on your need you can pick and choose the software that would benefit in the success of your company.


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