Visa Requirements to call your would be Partner

Marrying a foreign national may be easy but to get a visa for your spouse or fiancée is difficult, especially if you are a UK national. UK immigration laws have gone strict because of the terrorist attacks increasing by every passing year. Therefore, getting a visa for your fiancée can be a strenuous task, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about the policies and procedures. In such situations taking assistance from Immigration lawyers UK can make the whole procedure simpler and easier.

UK Immigration Laws

For every kind of migration, whether for business, job or if you are planning to join your partner living in UK, there are different immigration laws and hence the requirements are different. You can only visit or live in UK if you have proper visa to enter the country. Once all your documents are in place, you would need to have entry clearance from the British government.

There is an eligibility criterion that should be fulfilled before even applying for the Visa. Below is the checklist for the same:-

  • The person applying for fiancée visa should be a British national
  • The partner in UK should have his or her own property
  • The sponsor should be ready to marry the applicant within six months
  • Proofs of relationship should be provided
  • Applicant and sponsor should be ready to have a permanent relationship
  • The sponsor should be sufficient amount of funds to support the applicant while their stay in UK and that too without access of any public funds
  • The applicant must have an entry clearance before coming to UK
  • During the six months period, the applicant is not allowed to work unless status changed to married.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, there are certain financial obligations as well that should be met like:-

  • The sponsor should be working approximately for 6 continuous months under the same organisation with the earning of £19,000 or if the sponsor has spent less than 6 months with the current organisation, then he or she must demonstrate earning of £19,000 in the last 12 months.
  • If the sponsor is not currently working with any company then, he or she must show savings of £63,000 for the last 6 months before applying for the visa
  • It is always best to have combination of both to apply for a successful visa

UK fiancée Visa requirements are laid down as per the immigration laws and hence allow the sponsor to get their prospective partner to live in UK but with the intention of getting married. If the documents submitted are accepted, then the applicant will be granted 6 months of visa, during which both the parties need to get married and get their marriage registered under the British Law. Once the status of the applicant is changed to married, then he or she can apply for leave of indefinite period. This visa is usually for 2 years.

There are many immigration services in London that can help you with the individual as well as business immigration.


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