Why to buy a used car instead of a new one

A lot of people I found asking their friends, colleagues, relatives or even strangers one question when they want to possess a car. Should we buy a new one or a used?

Well the possible and precise answer is not so straightforward which you must be thinking but here are some points to be considered.

You can obtain a good rate for a new car which anybody wants to sell for some reasons. For eg. The car which an individual bought 8 months back is willing to sell, so you can get a very good depreciation in there. This is what we call a special offer.

Its good for a novice who has just started learning to drive car to buy a used car as mishandling the same will not bear him a lot of price. Imagine you give a brand new car worth 10 lacs to a learner and he/she dives it into a ditch and get it all damaged. So its good to start with a used car worth 1-2 lacs only.

Besides the exchange offers provided by some dealers is a good way so you exchange your very old car with less old car.

The most important is that you get a good deal of discounts whether you purchase from a direct seller or even a dealer.

There are some precautions to be taken like inspection of the car by some professional so what seller’s has described as specification are up to mark and most important of all check if that’s all legal. That the seller is not selling a theft item.

As the price can be quite low so any lower income group person can buy a used car besides loans are available too for used cars.

Finally its all up to the sellers capability of spending and intentions whether he/she should to for a new or used but again you can hit a jackpot if a needy wants to sell his/her car due to any reason and that is brand new. So you can become the owner of new car, labeled as used car and in low price.

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