World in a flash

Life used to be a better place when people didn’t have to travel from one place to the other in search of a better live. Sometimes I think about how It would have been so cool if all we as humans did was just to play around like babies do with no ambitions to save the world. No superheroes and no villains. Just plain innocence and flair. A good world it would be isn’t it.

But no, we had to have governments, we had to the United Kingdom conquering the world along with the French. We had to have nations rising up and taking over other nations; we had to have visas and immigration, we had to have restrictions in migrations. We had to have the developed countries and the under developed countries.

Come to even think of it, how is it possible that some countries were developed and others not? If we are all humans, having the same brains and all that, how come some humans are more human that the others. There must be some unfairness in the universe. If not how do you explain the fact that the world has all come to this.

A situation of total anarchy from where there was nothing but total peace…at least presumably, to a chaotic position where all we have ever worked for or even longed for seems far from complete. To a state when even in central London, the world is not still at mount Everest. It is quite sad that man seem to be on a full on course to destroy himself. Why should this be? is the question that keep actively and continuously resonating in the minds of everyone involved.

It is quite a sad thing that that as we speak immigrants are still languishing in the wilderness of Calais. The UK visa and Immigration is almost on a lock out to immigrant. People surging to and fro the Calais Jungle in France looking for a better life and we have people in the European Economic Area (EEA) and even the European Union (EU) in general acting like these people do not even exist. This is a very bad thing given the fact that a person suffering so much human degradation is being so molested and dehumanized by the world itself.

You expect that people who are very keen on helping other people to survive as so bent on working through adverse immigration histories are not able to be so integrated with the nice things of life. This is quite very unrealistic in terms of its insubordination with reality.

A question that readily comes to mind therefore, is that should the Home Office let its borders loose and let the whole world throng in? Would this actually mess up the system? Or is it morally right and justifiable that a nation would block its borders from even the most vulnerable of people. This and many more questions have continued to rock our minds on a daily basis as we live on in search for stability in this very unstable world.


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