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Cyberspoint.com offers the opportunities for authors to express their views in the form of content on our website.


Please do note the following :

  1. You need to register as a contributor and once the account is approved you can start posting your content. You will receive email for the account verification and then you can Log in here. Please do check your spam / junk folder if you didn’t receive email.
  2. Your content will be reviewed by our administrators (who are senior editors) and then will be published.
  3. If you are new to wordpress check this video to post on wordpress : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DMOxOLL8io
  4. We will not edit your content as a part of moderation but if it does not matches our guidelines, we will revert back to you so that you can edit the same.
  5. The content you posting have to be unique and must not exist on any other site(s).
  6. Please do note that we are not an article or guest posting sites. Our site is aimed for authors to post viral stuff which will help the authors itself since our site has tons of visitors.
  7. You can enrich your content with external links but it must be relevant. Please do note that we have no follow link method so if you are looking only for SEO purposes then its of no use.
  8. You can write on any topic mentioned in our primary categories and if it does not matches you can go for MISC. (miscellaneous).
  9. Following type of content is not allowed – Erotic, sexual explicit, Adult, Gambling, Pornographic, racist, violence etc. or any form which is not relevant.


Feel free to mail us at : admin@cyberspoint.com if you have any query or trouble uploading your posts.

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